Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One (okay, make that two) small steps for Asher

Maybe it was the shame of being the only guy in the group not walking. Maybe it was the lure of Dumbo being held just a few inches out of reach. Maybe it was to get his nagging mama off his back.

Either way, my little man took 2 steps all by himself today. I doubt he was aware that it happened, but I clapped and cheered like he had been planning it all along. Bethany and Tye were over and Bethany held out Dumbo for Asher to get. I let go of his hand and he took two (albeit shaky and wobbly) steps to claim his beloved elephant.

When you are almost 6 months pregnant and your almost 14 month old child weighs 24 pounds, 2 steps is a huge deal! Carrying two babies, even when one is on the inside, is hard work.

And speaking of walking, a huge shout-out to Josiah, who is now a pro!


Mamaw said...

ya know, we're just gonna take what we can get.Two steps is two steps. That's walking in my book. WAY TO GO ASHER O.! Come back over and stay at mamaw's house and poppy and i will have you running in no time.

Robin said...

Way to go, Asher!

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