Thursday, March 20, 2008

Then and Now

March 2007

March 2008

I know the whole point is to actually grow and get bigger, but seriously, why does he already look more "big boy" and less "baby boy?" I think it has a lot to do with shoes. Socks and shoes age a baby. After seeing this picture, I don't think he's allowed to wear them any more.

ps-- Happy First Day of Spring!


Patti said...

Isn't it amazing that it only took 365 days for that tiny little pea pod to turn into that big boy?? The growth curve is a little less dramatic the second year but you'll still be astounded when you bring Jude home how enormous Asher is going to seem.
The soles ARE aging. Hudson doesn't have any shoes with soles yet and I think it's probably time. Robeez and Pedipeds are great except for walking on the sidewalks at the park which are usually strewn with little rocks.

Jaime O said...

He is too cute! He looks like such a happy little boy. Hope to see you both before too long!

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