Thursday, March 13, 2008

The People Have Spoken

Or at least 47 of you have.

It was a close one, with Judah Kristopher just barely edging out Judah Henry. I must admit, Judah Henry would be my first choice. But Henry is a name that is not going to fly with the final name-approver guy, even though it is absolutely adorable. The final name-approver guy and I have so much in common, but taste in names is not one of them.

So the winning name here is my second choice. I hope to announce our child's name soon. In the mean time, I'm calling him Jude* and I mentally add the asterisk when I do. I have to call him something!

Incidently, Kristopher Kevin Rives, Jr. got way more votes than I anticipated. Kris said we should name him that and call him "Dos." I said, "um, no."

Thanks for voting :)


susanna said...

hahaha! you know, Kenny is Kenneth Leverne Kirksey III. His grandpa said that we should have named Jake KLK IV and called him "quatro". crazy people.

Jamie said...

We're probably not allowed to call him Leverne, are we?

Quatro sounds like an American Gladitor name.

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