Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little Thursday randomness

Can I just tell you...

--I hate it when shirts come with extra buttons and thread. That is a red flag that, to me, means "this button will fall off at any moment." Just sew them on better and keep your stupid little baggie with the button in it.

--If you do a google search for "dumbo lovey blanket," this blog will be the fourth on the list.

--Ari is taking Asher's one year pictures next week and I am very excited about that!

--Asher's favorite word is "cracker." He says it all day long and really clearly, too. So we've been working on saying "brother" because if you can say "cracker," you can say "brother."

--I found my Bella Band! I lost it a few days ago and have been tearing the house apart looking for it! Now the number of pants that I can wear has gone back up.

--The song "Hey Jude" has been in my head all day long.

--We are going to see Matchbox Twenty tonight! I'm VERY excited! Mutemath is with them. I've never heard them before but I hear they are awesome. I'll let you know.

--We bought a paper shredder and my new favorite thing to do is shred junk mail.

OK, enough randomness for one day. I have to go sew a button on the shirt I want to wear tonight!


Robin said...

You sure have been blogging a lot lately. I like it.

Have fun at the concert tonight.

susanna said...

can i come shred at your house? that sounds like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie, congratulations on another beautiful boy!!! I was looking through the classroom not long ago...I found a ultrasound DVD of Asher! I have it in a safe place. I'll get it to you when I see you next!

david said...

...totally unrelated to the post.

but I wanted to tell you that I laughed out loud...literally, when I read about Asher doing the almost inaudible mmm thing when eating. nice.

I've got to find a time to come see you guys. I can't believe I've let this much time slip by!

Patti said...

We got a shredder this week too! FYI: you can't really put 8 sheets in at a time because if you do it will stop working and will start making a terrible broken sound and it will frustrate my (um, I mean your) husband greatly.

Jamie said...

Susanna--yes, you may come shred anytime :)

Michela-thanks for holding on to that for me! I wonder what other treasures are still hiding in that classroom!

Robin--concert was really good, although I think I'm getting too old to be out that late.

Patti--ours only does six at a time, but sometimes I feel wild and I do 7. Nothing like living on the edge!

Pez--yes, come see us! (and don't forget your camera)

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