Monday, February 18, 2008

googled again

a few more of the interesting Google searches that have brought people here...

grace for an 80th birthday lunch
grace to you pics
how much do pharmacy tech. make at walmart
one year check up
Retirement Cake remarks
pappasitos steak fajitas
"little sack of sugar", song

I must say I am honored that a search for Pappasitos would bring someone here. Whoever you are, I hope you went there and thought of me as you enjoyed the sheer bliss that is a fajita from the 'Sitos.


Becca said...

How do you know that people have landed on your website from those searches???

Jamie said...

Site Meter lets you see what the referring URL is where someone came from to get to your site.

Robin said...

All this talk of Pappasitos is making me hungry.

jenni said...

I LOVE Pappasito's fajitas!

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