Monday, February 25, 2008

My Little Hobby

So I've decided to share with you all a little hobby of mine. This is something that I really enjoy doing and were it not for an over-saturated market and a slight inferiority complex, I might try to take this whole thing beyond hobby status. I like to design invitations, photo greetings, thank you notes, birth announcements, etc. I've got a lot to learn, but it is fun and I've really enjoyed making them.

Here are a few that I have created.

Asher's birthday invitation

Birth announcement 1

Birth announcement 2

Last year's Christmas card

Chrismas card 2

Shower invitation

Fall greeting

Just thought I'd share :)


Rebecca said...

You are very talented!! They are all precious! You might do well desinging them for friends, friends of friends, etc!

Too Cute said...

You are so good at it too. I love all the stuff you designed for me. I had it printed today and it looks AMAZING!! Seriously, start making a price sheet for your stuff. Kendall's B-day is about 7 months away. I'm thinking I might need some super cute invitations!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is awesome! Did you design those all yourself at home on your computer?? You should make a business out of it! They are beautiful! How much would you charge to do birthday invites for my 2 year old boy birthday?? Love them!

Jaime O said...

I love them all! You have definitely have a knack for design!

susanna said...

These are all awesome! We love getting greetings from the Rives Fam! :)

Robin said...

Your stuff look great, but, yes, it is hard to make money when everyone else seems to be doing the same thing.

But even if you sold just a few, it's still some extra cash. You could do blog banners, too. People pay crazy amounts for that stuff.

Patti said...

You need to have a SUPeriority complex. These are all fantastic. I especially like the font on the fall one.

mandycrowell said...

Great stuff. I didn't realize all these cards we get from you guys are homemade! My sister and mother are also whiz's at this scrapbooking and cardmaking thing and I wish all this talent I am surrounded by would rub off a little on me..but alas, it looks like I will continue to be a "party city" gal.

Jamie said...

Rachel--I'd love to do your invitations. Email me at

Everyone--thanks for your kind words :) It's encouraging!

Robin said...

I want to learn how to make stuff like this. Maybe if we ever get Photoshop Elements, you can give me a tutorial. It's very close to the full version of PS.

For now, I will attempt to teach myself on GIMP. That usually lasts 10 minutes until I give up.

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