Friday, February 1, 2008

Teething Trauma

Asher has been a phenomenal teether. The first 8 came in with very little fanfare. The most that ever happened was that he would wake up once during the night, we would give him some Teething Tablets and some water and he would fall right back to sleep.

And then it happened. Incisors.

Those little teeth have kicked all of our butts. Asher ran a fever (his first one ever) and was whiny and clingy and wouldn't eat. When the child made by a Rives and a Bobbitt won't eat, something is terribly wrong.

He is usually such a happy, easy baby that I was really worried about the way he was acting, not to mention the 103 degree fever. At first, I thought he picked up something at the doctor's office the other day. But then my mom mentioned how cutting the canine teeth is really hard on babies. I checked his mouth and I could see the teeth just below the gums. I hated that he was hurting so much, but I was relieved that it wasn't a virus or something.

He is much better today. He woke up twice last night. The first time I gave him some Tylenol, but the second time, he fussed for a few minutes and then got himself back to sleep. He woke up happy and ate a good breakfast so I think we are on the road to recovery. Of course, the teeth aren't all the way through yet, so this may have just been Round 1. Thank the Lord for Infant Tylenol!


Serg and Lis said...

I hope they surface soon! I'm so glad we are over the teething bout here:) Hope you all feel better sooooon:)

Alli Dunham said...

Oh, I remember those days. Ugh. But more importantly...YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?! Congratulations! That must have been why Kris was trying to call Lanny the other day. He tried calling him back - to no avail. And now I know why he called. SO very excited for you guys!

susanna said...

Jake had a hard time with the incisors too. In fact, they were worse than his one year molars! I feel your pain, and I also praise the Lord for the makers of Infant Tylenol :)

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