Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Tiny Little Baby

He's changed a little, no?

I've taken out most of the baby gear from storage. It has provided a whole new source of entertainment for Asher. The trick will be to keep him out of the bouncer seat while Jude is in it. I foresee Little Bro getting real tough real quick.


Anonymous said...

Oh he will get tough! Let me tell you! My oldest just turned 2 and my youngest is 9 months! He was 16 months when the baby was born.. People who don't have two children under 2 just don't understand why things are so much harder than having a baby and a 4 year old who can walk beside you in the grocery store!!
Rachel M.

susanna said...

What a little chunk! Aren't you glad he's walking now? :) There's no way that kid was a preemie! He's so cute!

ari said...

It will teach Jude that EVERYONE can handle being climbed on. Zoe now climbs on ANY smaller child in a bouncer/carseat/doorwayjumper/etc.

That's a good lesson, no?

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