Saturday, June 7, 2008


Kim, Laura (and Steven to the far right), Roxanne, Ashley (and Jackson), Cheryl (and Meadow), Me (and Jude), Krisi (and Avery), and Becca

This past week, my sweet friends Laura, Cheryl, and Becca hosted a "baby blessing" for me at Laura's house. A blessing is kind of like a shower, except that the emphasis is more on the mother and taking time to encourage her as she approaches the birth of her baby. Each woman present takes a turn to share her prayer for mom and baby and usually says a few words to encourage the mom in this amazing journey that is motherhood. Also, everyone brings a page on which they have written their blessing and decorated (you can definitely tell who the scrapbook people are!) These pages are compiled into a book that is presented to the mom as a keepsake of all the special words that were spoken over her and the new baby. (Ashley and Roxanne--yours are coming, I promise--just know I'm not a scrapbooker!)

It was a really special time for me. There is something very inspiring about women gathering around one another to help and support each other as we prepare for the births of our children. Each woman there said something that made me feel stronger and more excited about the arrival of little Judah Kristopher.

In their kindness and generosity, my friends also got us some really great gifts! Since gifts aren't really the focus of the blessing, they are opened afterwards. They are still very appreciated though!!! Thankfully, I had a super-duper present opening assistant!

A few more pics from the day...

Laura and I (sorry it's blurry--my camera was having issues. Thanks to Becca for the ones that are clear!)

Official photographer for the event

Bethany and Tye and Asher and me

Dianna and Lee Ann from church

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time of countless blessings!

ps--quick plug: my friend Becca makes amazing personalized baby gifts! Asher and Jude have been the recipients of some adorable things--you should check out her collection at Too Cute Creations.


Too Cute said...

Oh, you're sweet. I'm so glad that you had a nice time. I know we enjoyed having it for you. Asher looked adorable taking pictures. I can't wait to see what Baby Jude will look like. So exciting!!

Serg and Lis said...

What a fun group of girlfriends!!! :) Sending you blessings from this side of the hemisphere!!!:)
I agree with Becca, I too am exciting to see who this little bundle will look like!

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