Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hospital Bag-Packing Update #1

At our playdate last week, Bethany recounted the events of the days before Asher's birth in which she urged Kris to urge me to get that bag packed. Asher came (as most of you know 6 weeks early) just a few days after that conversation.

So in effort to avoid that scenario a second time (although I have had a little talk with Jude about how not fun the NICU is and how he might as well just hang out in the ol' uterus for a few more weeks) I have decided to get that bag packed!

So here's where I am at now...
--bought travel size toiletries at Target today
--the target bags are still in the van

I'm pretty pleased with my progress. Please stay tuned for any late-breaking developments that may occur.

1 comment:

susanna said...

you know, you could just technically leave the stuff in the target bags. who needs a suitcase anyways?

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