Saturday, June 21, 2008


We think Asher may have picked up a little Russian somewhere, because he doesn't say "yes," he says, "dah!" The "dah" is usually accompanied by a little bobbing up and down, especially if it is something he really wants or is really excited about. I hear it is pretty common at this age to be fixated on the word "no!" so we are happy to hear lots of "dahs!" It is so nice to be at a point where we can communicate more easily. It makes for much less frustrating conversations for both parties.

So when we were at Zoobilee last week and we asked him if he wanted to go pet the goats, the response was a big smile and a "dah!!" He brushed those goats like he was born on a farm.

And when we walked up to the carousel and asked him if he wanted to ride that, we got a very exuberant "dah!" paired with vigorous deep-knee bends. He loves the carousel!

Daddy and Asher got to ride. Mama and Jude waited with the stroller and tried to take pictures as Asher whizzed by on his lion.

Not the greatest photography (shocking, I know!) but each time they passed by, I tried to get a shot. He was having so much fun!

When it ended, as all good things must, they came back to where I was waiting and Asher looked at his Daddy and pointed to the carousel and then signed "please!"

We told him that was all for time we'll ride again. What he doesn't know is that we will not be setting foot in that zoo until November because it is so stinking HOT!

So he reluctantly got back in his stroller, enjoyed a refreshing beverage, and was ready for more zoo fun.

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Serg and Lis said...

We've heard y'all are having a heat wave--yikes! I'm so glad you will be giving birth where the AC can be cranked up!

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