Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hasta la vista amigos!

Our friends, the DeLeons, moved to Peru this week. We are very excited at this opportunity for them, but we will miss them while they are gone. Asher and Lilly will have to have a long-distance relationship, but I think they are going to try to make it work.

He's trying to be strong for Lilly.

Dios te bendiga!


Anonymous said...

Igualmente hermosa!!! Gracias por pensando en mi!;) Estoy pensando en ti y espero que todo esta bien con ustedes! Ciao.....

lis said...

this popped up as I was reading your "Cupcake" post, this morning...wow. The time has really flown by! Look at how little our firsts, are!!!???
Maybe we can get back there for a sequel!? ;-)
Hope to see you this Summer!

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