Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cupcake Trouble

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for a friend at my house. We are decorating with the colors pink and brown so I thought it would be terribly cute to make some chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting.

So tonight, I began the process of preparing them. Since I am using a mix, I assume this will be a fairly quick little project. But this is me we're taking about. In a kitchen. The place where what should be and what is never seem to meet.

I preheat, I gather ingredients, I begin to mix with my sweet red KitchenAid. I add the mix, the butter, the water and the eggs. The batter seems really runny, but it's been a while since I've made a cake, so I just figure this is how it is supposed to be. I pour the batter into the cupcake liners, a little troubled by the lack of viscosity, but I proceed. They baked, but they never really expanded. And they looked really weird. I tasted one after they came out and something was just not right.

In my kitchenly wisdom, I surmise that it must have been the attachment I was using on the mixer. I used the white, paddle-with-holes looking thing and I should have used the whisk looking thing. So I'm on to the second box. Round 2. Ding ding.

I begin mixing the second batch. In goes the mix, eggs, and butter. Yes...this looks better--much thicker! Wait! Too thick. Oops! Forgot the water.

So as I'm filling the measuring cup with water, it hits me. I put in waaaaayyyy more last time. I realize that instead of 3/4 c. I put in 1 3/4 c. It seems these directions accompanied by the "for-morons-who-can't-or-won't-read" pictures just weren't specific enough.

So now I have cake batter that is the consistency of mousse because I've been beating the heck out of it with my wire whisk rotating at the speed of light. But it tasted better. So I fill the liners again, careful not to put in too much.

Do you know what happend to cake mix that has been whisked for 5 minutes on medium speed after it has baked?

This. That's not a cookie sheet, my friend. That's a muffin tin. There is so much air in these things that I can literally hear the bubbles popping. So I try to carefully remove them, hoping against hope that I can salvage a few.

Not so much. So an hour later, this is what I have to show for all of my effort.

So now, I am waiting for my sweet husband to bring me more mix and eggs, because what I lack in skill, I make up for in tenacity. I WILL have pink and brown cupcakes for tomorrow, Lord willing, which He may very well not be judging by what has occurred.

Oh, yeah...and I burnt my finger on the oven on the same hand that I have nearly severed a finger and gashed the knuckle. Guess my hand modeling career is over.

Thankfully, my little sack of sugar loves me anyway.


Robin said...

At least you started making them a day ahead of time instead of right before the shower.

I'm sure batch three turned out much better!

Silvia said...

This was so cute! Thanks for sharing your baking adventure :)

Jenni said...

I'm dying to know - how did the final batch turn out?!

Rebecca said...

Do you have a picture of the last batch? I hate when things don't turn out right!!! How did the shower go?

Becca said...

Your step by step replay was too cute!! I'm glad you survived the cupcake mess in one piece. It looks like the shower turned out to be a great success. Who would have thought chocolate and pink cupcakes could be such a stress?? Imagine Asher's first B-day cake??!! This is just preparation for that!!

Jamie said...

Becca--It's funny you mentioned that because as I was in the middle of all this I thought "this teaches me that I should not even attempt to make Asher's cake!"

Patti said...

I'm sorry to have to confess that this post fills me with GLEE because two weeks ago, while attempting to make a cake for my dad's birthday, (Duncan Hines--after wisely deciding the recipe I found on the Southern Living web-site was sure to be a failure) I too managed to mess up a cake mix cake!! There's nothing like the defeat of having to scrape an entire cake into the garbage can. I too had to make another trip to the store, and the second effort turned out much better. I admire your fortitude--a third effort would have been the end of me. Here's to tenacity in the face of ineptitude in the kitchen!!

hilarylarson said...

you crack me up - one time i made a carrot cake from scratch for a was 3 layers & it took me all day - literally 8 hours on a saturday (needless to say , i only had 2 children then!) i said never - never - never again! last easter, my MIL made the same recipe, she just put it all in an 8x 11 sheet cake pan - duh?!?!? why did i bother w/3 layers!?

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