Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Really Are A Heel

I dropped the DBC ball. For shame! Only 2 weeks to this challenge and I still faltered. I repent in dust and ashes.

But life goes on. I could just wallow in my self-loathing or I could pick myself up and begin again. Let's go with the latter.

So today there is much to do. It will be a marathon of a day. All the shopping will be completed, with two little boys in tow, no less. I'm throwing Jude in the sling and strapping Asher in the stroller (with a generous supply of goldfish and apple-goose as it is called around here) and Kris and I will brave the madness together. I'm pretty sure this is what Mark meant when he had us promise "for better or worse." I know there are worse things than a store on the Saturday before Christmas, but I am hard-pressed to recall one right now.


Lis said...

No worries...I "Really am a Heel" because I dropped the challenge 2 or 3 days in!!!
Hope today was a success! :)

susanna said...

Ok. Have you seen my posts lately? Let it be known that I have gone the distance. I have looked like a moron on my blog because of DBC. So, I'm a little disappointed. But the fact that you accepted my friendship on facebook cancels out my disappointment. Your posts during DBC have been way better than all of mine combined.

Katelin and Jason Boles said...

i agree with susanna that your posts have been way better then mine. i'm new though and we don't have a computer at home. so blogging only happens at work. (i know i'm a slacker)

how was shopping? did you go to OUR fav store.......TARGET??? gosh we loved that store!!!

Jamie Rives said...

Ha-ha! Every Sunday after church we made a Target stop :) Yes, several gifts were purchased there!

I'm so glad you are a blogger now, Katelin! It's fun catching up with you :)

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