Thursday, December 11, 2008

It'll Nearly Be Like A Picture Print From Currier and Ives

You know, that one where the little boy can barely spot any snow on the ground.

As you have probably already heard if you know anyone who lives in the greater Houston area, it snowed last night. Normally, snow is a huge deal here because we so rarely see it. And it actually sticking to the ground for any length of time is rarer still. But what really highlights the expereince is that the day before, we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts. I went for a walk with the boys and actually broke a sweat. I was pushing a 35 lb. stroller, a 27 lb. toddler, and a 17 lb. infant so I got a good workout. I will be employing my "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD today because there is no way I'm getting out in this weather for a walk. But I digress.

So the snow was basically gone this morning, much to my dismay, but I still wanted Asher to go see what was left. So when he woke up around 7:30 (Bless that crib!) I somewhat bundled him up and let him walk around outside. He kept pointing to the white stuff and saying "Nose! Mama, nose!" He often transposes sounds in words like that. What's that called, Miranda? Miranda is a speech pathologist--she knows these things.

Then Asher started asking for "Meal!" (oatmeal) so we went back inside. Snow isn't much fun if you are just taking someone's word that it actually was there.

Of course, the azaleas just bloomed. Plants around here get very confused.

I took this picture before I left last night to meet my sewing girls. I am practically covered in snow. I'm surprised I could even identify myself.

You Yankees go ahead and laugh. When you are dying in the heat next summer because of the 35% humidity, we will remind you of this day.


Robin said...

That's way more snow than we've gotten here this month. We've only had a few flurries lately, which is totally fine with me as I don't like snow. For reals.

Kathryn said...

This is exactly what I tell the people around here who make fun of me for being cold. I tell them to call me in August when it's on the news that it's 90 degrees and everyone should stay indoors and drink plenty of water. yeesh.

Rachel said...

LOL. I love the self portrait.

I love the pics of Jude! He's so handsome.. I like his hair.

Are you learning to sew? How fun!!

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