Monday, December 15, 2008

With Every Christmas Card I Write

I was not going to send out cards this year because I am still recovering from Jude's birth announcements that just went out last month (he was born in July) but now that I am getting cards from friends, I feel left out.

So last night, we put the boys in their cute matching p.j.'s and attempted to take a few pictures. Drama, of course, ensued.

Jude likes low-key evenings in which no one asks too much of him. I quickly learned that taking pictures with Asher qualifies as asking too much. He is such a smiley, happy baby...until I pull the camera out. All my pictures of him showcase a blank stare and an open mouth.

Asher was a good sport, but even the M & M's I was bribing him with lost their appeal after a while.

But it's not about perfection (thank goodness!) Asher is overdue for a haircut and Jude has a runny nose. Asher had chocolate on his mouth and got it on Jude's p.j.'s. Jude screamed and Asher refused to smile at one point.

And there is such beauty in that. We are not perfectly posed, immaculately dressed, every-hair-in-place people. We are a crazy, last-minute, just-go-with-it family--and that's just how I like it.

This will all make more sense once you see the card. This is my little way of preparing you ;)


Robin said...

There will be no Christmas cards from me this year as I was just plain lazy. Maybe next year though.

I love both their hair in this picture! Asher has cute little boy hair and Jude's is just all wild. So cute.

Patti said...

And I really like how you managed to stuff them in their stockings like that.
I think we might do a New Year's card. Or maybe Orthodox Christmas--it's generally a few weeks later.

Mamoo said...

I just love my boys. That's it.LOve LOve LOve.

Mandy Crowell said...

I think they look adorable in the pic..if we're on the Christmas Card list, I'm waiting with bated breath!

Jamie Rives said...

you are definitely on the list--now whether they get sent or not is another story :)

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