Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still waiting...

I don't like waiting. It's no fun. But instead of going on and on about being almost 41 weeks pregnant, I will spend my time a little more constructively.

My little Asher is growing up so fast and I have been meaning to record some of the things he is saying now. Not that you care, but I think we all know by now this is the closest thing to a baby book the poor kid has. So bear with me. According to the ticker to the right, he is 1 year, 5 months, almost 3 weeks. Here is what I can immediately recall of his vocabulary:

First, my favorite: "ottawa" which means "other one." He calls his other lovey (besides Dumbo) ottawa. If he sees a plane, he points up and then looks at us and says "ottawa?" meaning we need to wait until we see one more. When we put one shoe on, he hands us the other and says "ottawa." You get the idea :) Sometimes he drops the "wa" and says "otta" and then whatever he wants or sees another one of.

--dog, cat, lion, bird, snake, and monkey are all called the sound that they make. I try to get him to actually say the name, but he feels the sound is sufficient.

--tuh-tah (turtle), buh(bunny rabbit)

--cracker, yogurt(go-guh), milk (meh), apple(a-pah), banana (ba-ba), pancakes(pah-cah), cookie(cah-cah), chicken (chi-chi-chi), water(wa-wa), ice cream (i-cah)

--Mamaw (meh-mah), Poppy (pa-pa), Micah (bike-ah), Nay-Nay(Aunt Renae), Saige (sah-ge), Tye(said with a very sweet southern drawl, baby (buh-buh), Grandpa (pah-ca)

Things: (all with their various pronunciations ranging from "very clear" to "only we know what he means"

--bible, book, guitar, pick, car, ball, blocks(pops), shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, diaper, wipes, bath, towel, soap (pope), help (his favorite word that I hear no less than 89 times a day--sounds like "op"), God, door, "Little Bird" (his favorite song that he wants to listen to 89 times a day), pillow, shower(sha-sha), rain, this, that, yes (dah!),

--he "counts" but will only say "one" never 2 or 3 or any other number. He just points to whatever he is counting and says "one" over and over again.

--he can answer the first 3 questions of the Children's Catechism:
Q:Who made you?
A:God (Gah)

Q:What else did God make?
A:All things (Ah tas)

Q:Why did God make you and all things?
A:For His glory (go-gah is all he says--so glory and yogurt are the same thing.)

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. I love, love, love watching him acquire these new verbal skills. It is so fascinating to me how he is learning a whole language with very little direct instruction. I love how babies and toddlers never think "I don't know how to say that so I'm not even going to try." If the word is too hard, they just call it soemthing until they are able to say it correctly. No fear of being wrong...must be nice :)

Also, I just remembered...I took him to the dr. last week and he weighed 27 lbs. Other notable stats: He is in a size 6W shoe and he wears 18-24 month clothing with the occasional 2T thrown in.


Paula Aspacher said...

i thought faith was never going to be born. i was exactly 41 weeks but later i realized (b/c you chart during an infertility cycle) that she was conceived on dec. 8th and born sept. 8th, a true 9 months in my belly. i am over the fact that i was miserable now! hang in there. :)

Paula Aspacher said...

hi jamie, that was my comment not paula's - i am on her computer! hilary

Patti said...

Yogurt IS rather glorious.

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