Saturday, July 12, 2008

5 Strollers

That's how many we have right now. A bit much at first glance, but allow me to justify the excessiveness.

We have a single Combi stroller that accomodates our infant carrier. I love Combi because they are super lightweight and they fold up very nicely. They are a little hard to maneuver if you are on the taller side, but that is the only drawback.

Then we have a Chicco umbrella stroller that is easier to haul around than the Combi, especially once Asher outgrew the infant carrier (a sad day indeed as I had to wake him up if he fell asleep in the car as opposed to just popping the carrier into the stroller and him never being the wiser.)

Next we have a Jeep jogging stroller. It is a single, but I love it because it handles really nicely and has built-in speakers and a jack for the ipod or a CD walkman. We won't be getting a double jogger because the only thing more ridiculous than 5 strollers is 6 strollers. We'll just alternate who gets to go on walks.

Up next is a Maclaren double umbrella stroller that we were given. I love Maclarens and I love even more that we were given this high dollar item (thanks again, Kelli!) But you can't use an infant seat in it. It will be great when Jude is older, but I really wanted something that would allow me to leave him in his seat when we arrive at our destination.

This leads me to the fifth and final stroller, the Combi double stroller that we just bought from Craig's List. (Craig's List is definitely the way to go for items like this. A $300 stroller just isn't in the budget, so finding a used one for less than half price is great. And then when you get Mamaw and Poppy to help out, it makes it even better!) I have been stalking that site daily trying to find one. I finally found one, talked the poor lady down about $50, and went and picked it up today. I do love to wheel and deal, I must say.

And the thing is, I don't want to get rid of any of the single strollers yet. Not until we are through with the "having babies" portion of our lives. What if we reach a point where we are back to just one kid that needs to be strolled. Then we will be in need of the singles again and I'll be glad I retained the option.

Baby gear! It has a way of taking over, doesn't it?


Serg and Lis said...

"wheeling and dealing"....were you Peruvian in your previous life???;)

susanna said...

haha! we have 5 strollers too! It's crazy! Glad you got a good double one :)

Hang in there! Any day now, right?

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