Saturday, July 12, 2008

At Mamaw and Poppy's House

I just received these pictures from my mom and dad of Asher all torn up and sad because he misses his mama and daddy. He is spending 2 nights there so I can catch up on a little rest and maybe even a few chores.

Asher loves his Mamaw!

He never has any fun at Mamaw and Poppy's and wants to come home right now. I know it looks like the water hose and baby pool are a big hit, but if you look deep in his eyes, you see how homesick he gets for me. At least that's what I tell myself.


Mamaw said...

I think I might have had the little swimmers on one seemed to notice if I did. Didn't slow him down. Poppy and I love every minute we have with him. We can hardly wait for Jude to get here so we can have twice the fun.

Anonymous said...

How cute!! Asher is so stinkin cute.

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