Saturday, July 12, 2008

Haircut #2

So apparently Asher turned 5 since he's been at Mamaw's! She took him to get another haircut from the same lady that gave him his first one. Oh my goodness...why did it make him older???

(They keep emailing me adorable pictures of the little man that I feel compelled to post immediately.)


Ashley said...

hey jamie- I had a baby girl on Friday! Kiley Jo. So much for being due at the same time :)

Patti said...

There IS a hint of wistfulness in his eyes here.
Hey, since you have so much free time right now and it's probably close to impossible to get any meaningful sleep, you should go to Ari's blog and click on the "Buttercream, anyone?" link and look at these amazing cakes and read the descriptions of them this wonderful cake goddess has written. Oh. My.

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