Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

That is the question I should have asked the pharmacy tech at CVS. Because I heard $58. I heard that because that is how much she told me my prescription would be. That sounded a little high to me. I have new insurance and I haven't met my deductible yet, but I thought surely I could find it cheaper somewhere else.

So I told her that I was going to go check at another pharmacy to see if I could find a better price. Since the nurse had called in the prescription, she told me that I would have to have the pharmacist call CVS and they would give the info over the phone.

So, where do you go when you want to find something cheaper? That is correct--Walmart.

Of course, I have to park in the back 40 because it is Walmart. I make my way to the pharmacy and explain my situation to the tech there. She tells me that they will have to enter in my insurance info, call CVS to get the prescription, and then they can tell me how much it will be. While I am waiting, I go back to the photo lab to pick up pictures I ordered from their online one-hour developing about a week ago. Then i go back up to the pharmacy and wait about 30 minutes for them to finally call the right CVS (I told them which one!) and then run it through my insurance to get their price.

Guess how much they told me? $78! Super. When is Walmart ever $20 higher than CVS?

So back to CVS. I pull up to CVS and look down at the passenger seat and see the envelope of pictures. Great--I stole pictures. But CVS closed in 30 minutes so I would have to postpone rectifying that situation. I go in and see the girl that helped me and told her that it was $20 more at Walmart. So they have to call Walmart to get the prescription back. I wait 30 more mintues for them to fill it.

Finally, they call my name. I go up to the counter and my little tech friend says, "That will be $78.00." What!

"Umm, you told me it was $58. Why is it $78now?"

"No ma'am! I told you $78."

"Uh--no you didn't. I freaked out at $58. I would have passed out at $78 and I would have just stayed at Walmart and saved these 45 minutes that I am never getting back now."

"Well, you must have heard me wrong."

"Yes, I'm sure the fault is all mine because CVS pharmacy techs don't make mistakes." (Ok--I didn't really say that last part.)

So an hour and a half later, I am paying $78. And I have stolen photos in the process.

And that was my evening. Thanks, CVS.


Patti said...

I hear what you hear--it's the Sound of Incompetence. Ugh. Fifty and seventy sound NOTHING alike. I'm sorry for your futile quest.

hilarylarson said...

ewwh! those situations are very frustrating, only you could make it "postful."

Robin said...

Bummer. That's no fun at all.

Denise said...

Oh, I hate those kind of days!!! We have a high deductible plan so it's CRAZY CRAZY for us with meds. Thankfully, we had a baby and met the crazy high deductible and are $0 for the next 29 days!

susanna said...

What does CVS stand for anyways? Maybe they...

Create Violent Spenders


maybe they are....

Crazy Vicious Superhumans

Sorry you had such a Crappy, Volatile, Saturday :)

Carissa said...

That really stinks. Just for future reference though, if they run it through your insurance, it should be the same cost no matter which pharmacy fills it. It's a pre-negotiated thing. I used to work as a pharmacy tech and I learned a lot about the other side of insurance . . . they're evil people! ;)

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