Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's Your Point? Wednesday

I really love practicing yoga. Practicing. This is how the cool yoga kids put it. I started about 8 months ago and I'm hooked. Of course, as many of you know, in honor of Dr. Al Mohler, I refer to it as "fauxga" most of the time. There are many who maintain that the spiritual and the physical aspects of yoga should not, nay, CANNOT be divorced. I have not found this to be the case at all. Maybe some of my fellow classmates are thinking about transcending to the next level of inward awareness while breathing in the knowledge of enlightened bliss, but I am thinking "Yay. My thrice c-sectioned stomach pooch looks smaller." I'm sure that would offend the yoga sensibilities of some dedicated students, but I can button my jeans now. So what do I care.

I've been trying out a new smile. I have this gum issue with my original smile. As in, there is way too much of it showing. I feel like a horse that was fed peanut butter. (what?) So here a few pictures of me test-driving the new "cheeeeese."

My pretty friends look great, as usual. Knock that off, Laura and Cheryl. It's getting old.

Or this:

Weird and awkward. Which is actually not what I was going for. So less gums, more teeth. I'm on it.

I took all three kids to the gym this morning for the first time. I wanted to wait until Simeon was older and flu season was behind us. (We did all have the flu, did you hear?) At our gym, there is a big kid area consisting of lots of computers for playing games, a mini basketball court, a toy area, and a large climbing structure, which overlooks the toddler area. Where a certain two year old who daily bemoans the fact that he is not yet three, has to stay while his big brother gets to, as usual, do all the fun, cool stuff.

This is the downside to having kids really close together. In most situations, Asher and Jude are treated like they are the same age. They play with the same toys, have the same friends, and even share the same clothes. But then soccer starts or they go to the gym, and it becomes painfully obvious to Jude that he is the little brother and has to be left behind by his best friend who gets to experience everything sooner than he does. He tries to convince me he has aged by saying, "Mama! I 'free' now!" No Jude, you not three. Not until July. The bloody end of July of course.

But he handled it fairly well. There was, to be sure, bribery involved. Bribery is like blue eye shadow--a little goes a long way and it should only be used on very rare occasions. It definitely should not be the default parenting strategy, but there are times when the promise of a kids meal at Chick-fil-a can be just enough of a balm to take away the sting of being put in with the babies when you are decidedly NOT a baby. And I got to go to my level 3 vinyasa class where I did rock out a headstand for 20 full breaths.

I'm making my own tortillas tonight. I have neither the pedigree nor the lard to do the job properly, but we shall see what I can manage as a gringa with whole wheat flour and organic butter. I also have a chicken cooking in the crockpot that I am going to shred for tacos. But seeing as how I am the sole person in the history of crockpottery that dries out meat as it is cooking in LIQUID, my hopes are not high. But maybe it will all come out splendidly and then Kris will have to go find a gate at which to praise me. It's a toss-up at this point.

I want some mustard color sandals. Is it just me, or does mustard (again, the color, not the condiment) make everything look more trendy? I am absolutely obsessed with that color. I looked, in vain, for a mustard cardigan. They must have all been bought up as the mustard memo circulates. It makes you cool. I don't know why. But it does. Am I right? (Rhetorical question. Of course I am.)

Back to the title. The answer: there isn't one. I just have this hang up about needing a really great title. And when I can't thing of one, then I pretend like there is a real thing that other bloggers do called "What's the Point? Wednesday" so I seem less inept. But there isn't. But I guess there is now. So feel free to use my formerly non-existent but now real thing Wednesday post topic on any Wednesday you like.


Robin said...

I never have a point when I blog. If I ever feel like blogging again (and if I remember), I will totally use your (totally awesome and cool) 'What's Your Point? Wednesday.'

I hope your tortillas and chicken turned out awesome tonight.

Alli said...

#1. I actually like the new smile in photo number 2.
#2. I tried on a pair of mustard slip ons at Target because - YES - they just make you trendy on the spot, only to realize that I do not (DO NOT) look good in mustard. Poo.
#3. Your writing cracks me up. You're a happy writer: you make me giggle.
#4. Count me in on that list of people that turn liquid-soaking crock pot meat into beef jerky.
#5. Miss you! Wish we could do coffee on any given Wednesday.

Cheryl said...

I think Laura looks fantastic in this picture. And you look fantastic no matter how you smile. I didn't want to say anything, as to not draw attention, but I would like to photoshop my shirt a little higher.
But we all look like rockin' Charlie's Angels, thanks to Laura.

I like the What's the Point? Wednesday. Well done.

There isn't a gate around that Kris Rives would not yell your praises at, that's for darn sure.

Glad you blogged again. You need to make it a habit so I don't go into witty withdrawl. Because seeing you in person is apparently not enough.

Patti said...

I will have my husband praise you at the gates if you keep up with the blogging. It makes me happy.

Something weird happens to my face fat if I go upside down. I feel like I'm suffocating, or maybe like brain is about to start spouting from my ears? I think I could not do a headstand for any breaths at all. So brava, gringa.

I have a gummy smile and it used to really bug me in high school. I realized a couple of months ago that my smile is less gummy now and I think that it's probably a pretty serious case of less gums than I used to have. Which I think is probably bad, dentally speaking. So, you should just flash those pretty gums while you still have them.

Krista said...

JCPenney has a mustard short sleeve cardigan that I love!
It's called the 'Worthington Ruched Elbow Sleeve Cardigan'

I like your smile in the second pic. And I can totally relate to having a gummy smile, I even went to some specialist to see about fixing it. Wasn't willing to shell out $6K though so I'll live with it I guess.

thelittlefields said...

I love that I was so stylish today and didnt even know it! Yay for your blog and my mustard skirt.

Also, how did the tortillas turn out? I used to try to make them with limited success, so I decided to leave that to the professionals.

And teeth or no teeth, you have a great smile.


Lis said...

I think you have a nice smile, either way! Isn't funny how we view ourselves, I didn't even notice your "gummy" smile! I think you just look like a happy daughter of a wonderful King!
Your hair is GROWING! Are you keeping it long?
Also, I'd try Boden for shoes, saw some really cute T-straps....can't remember if they had mustard but, what the hey!? Go against the trends and start your own! ;-)
un besito~

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