Monday, April 18, 2011

In Which I Solve One of Your Problems (a GIVEAWAY!)

You've been here, right? You're driving along, rocking out to The Civil Wars, and the thought hits you, "Did I blow out that candle? Surely I did, right? Wait, no I didn't! No, I think I remember blowing it out. But maybe I didn't..." So annoying. And potentially life-altering.

Candles are dangerous. I know of several women whose firefighter husbands do not allow them to burn candles in their homes at all because of the number of house fires they are called to that begin with a candle left burning.

And we've all heard the horror stories. Lives lost from something as seemingly benign as wanting a nice smelling home.

Some families have ditched candles altogether in favor of those gel-packet plug-in warmers but the truth is they are not much safer. Not only are they usually plugged in at eye-level for a crawling child, but the fragrance is warmed directly by the electricity from the socket. So it gets really hot and the potential for fire is almost equal to that of a candle.

So have a stinky house or have a fire waiting to happen...not great options for those of us that enjoy a fresh, inviting, lovely scented environment. What's a girl to do?

Fret no longer, dear ones. I have just the thing.

Hello, Scentsy!

Scentsy is a fabulous company that makes safe, wickless, flameless warmers and scents that provide all of the fragrance of a high end candle (like ones that shall remain nameless but may possibly rhyme with "Smankee") but without the danger that comes with unattended, open flames.

Pictured above is a full size warmer which stands about 5.5 inches tall. You place up to 3 cubes of scented, food-grade wax into the warmer and a low wattage light bulb gently melts the wax and releases the scent into the air. One bar (which only costs $5!) is comprised of 8 cubes, each which have a 50-80 hour scent life depending on environmental factors. And there are over 80 scents to choose so there is definitely something for everyone!

The warmer itself acts as a small lamp and the wax is melted in the removable upper tray. It never gets hot enough to burn and if you accidentally forget to turn it off before you leave, it presents no more danger than forgetting to turn off a lamp.

The warmers also come in a mid size, which is about 4.5 inches tall, and a plug-in size. Which brings me to my point (yay.)

I am giving away this plug in and one scent bar to one of my readers!

To enter, visit my website and browse the selection and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite warmers and scents are. I know scents are something that you really have to smell for yourself to determine what you like, but read over the descriptions and tell me what sounds most appealing to you!

I will randomly choose one winner next Monday. If you aren't local, I will gladly mail it anywhere within the continental United States.

Now for those of you that are saying to yourselves, "Say no more! I MUST own one, possibly three, of these amazing warmers!" then by all means, head right over here and place your order! Think Mother's Day! Think graduations! Think end-of-year teacher gifts. Think of yourself! Scentsy for everybody! Hurray!

Email me at jamierives at gmail dot com if you have any questions. Oh and p.s.--Prizes, incentives, free stuff, and my undying affection if you book a party with me!


~the nine of us~ said...

I will play! Clicked over from Cheryl's.
We have candles but have recently been introduced to Scentsy when my girls gave me one for Christmas. Love it!

The Black Raspberry Vanilla scent might be my next one to try.
Rustic Star is a warmer that looked cute to me.

Fun idea!

Jamie R. said...

Kimberly--got your email so I'm making note of it here. You know, so it doesn't get lost in ALL these entries ;)

Lis said...

Do they come in 220 volts!!!??? ;-)

Robin said...

I could be boring and go with Clean Breeze. Instead I want to smell Hemingway. I'm not sure if they are making a literary reference to Ernest or not, but I'm pretending they are.

the kirkseys said...

Thought I would give some more competition! :)

What a hard choice! Alas, I must go with Blackberry Vanilla.

Honestly, they should have one named after you, Jamie (although I don't know what it would smell like....if it was me, it would be "a combination of sweat, Desitin, and outside smell with a hint of peanut butter"). :)

Rebecca said...

We need something to help our house smell better too! It is amazing how the boys can smell after only a few minutes outside. I have never been to a Scentsy party, but the Perfectly Pomegranate, Skinny Dippin, and the Camu Camu sound good to me!

Becca - said...

I think I like the clean breeze-type scents! I'm thinking I might be more of a plug-in kinda girl! he he!

KathyLittle said...

Lush gardenia sounds wonderful. Sign me up!

hilarylarson said...

I like the ones that smell like I have baked! I have a regular size burner, but have never tried the plug in one. I love Scentsy!

Patti said...

Newborn Nursery makes me giggle.

I think I'd like Sweetpea Vanilla or maybe Groovy Grapefruit because I like a little tart in my scent.

Alli said...

I'm all about the plug-ins, they make my counseling office smell warm and inviting. Clients are often commenting on that! My favorite aroma guesses: My Dear Watson and White Tea & Cactus. :)

Ashley B said...

i"m all about the word "giveaway."

Anyway. I love the cherry blossom warmer and the lush gardenia scent sounds lush-cious.

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