Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Your Point? Wednesday (Edition: Missed it AGAIN!)

Well this is no way to start a blog revolution. No way at all. I'm not sure, but I suppose that Sparking Latest Blog Sensation 101 includes remembering to blog. I do appreciate those that have participated, veiled reference to my own glory-seeking notwithstanding.

First of all--have you entered my Scentsy Giveaway? Your odds of winning are quite favorable at this point so please go check it out! (My Point: I really, really want you to check out my website and then buy things from me.)

Yesterday, as we were finishing up lunch with Becca and her little girl at a local BBQ place, Jude found some boys who spoke his language (Read: wild with a side of mischeif.) These boys were dumping out salt and pepper shakers and throwing paper napkins on the ground. Jude (whose "Go big or go home" attitude towards life will serve him well as soon as we teach him to use his powers for good) decided to one up them all and got the bottle of ketchup and squirted it on one of the little boys shorts. I was horrified. Who actually does that? I mean, we've all wanted to, but my kid DID it. He was scolded and made to apologize. And I apologized to the mother (who was very gracious.) And we left right after that, to Jude's great dismay. Remember my status a few days ago about that middle child? (My Point: While I in no way condone such behavior and gave no indication to Jude that I was amused, I totally was.)

I did in fact find a mustard cardigan. My friend Krista gave me a great recommendation and I found it on sale. (My Point: The color mustard will pretty much change your life. You mark my words.)

I think I may open up my own "fauxga" studio one day. For now, I will be leading hot fauxga classes in my garage. I just back the magical minivan out and voila! 115 degrees of pure bikram bliss. (My Point: I should probably stop paying a gym for what I could get for free.)

p.s. Enter my giveaway!


tricia said...

Well, maybe it was a full moon or something. Sin was rearing its ugly head through my 4yr old yesterday. He spat all over my arm because he wanted to have another piece of banana bread! Did not feel as if he was calling me blessed at the moment. Sad to see it from this child, who is normally such a teddy bear.

Cheryl said...

When we got home after the soccer lunch the other day, I noticed that Meadow had ketchup on her back in 2 different places. So I am thinking the incident at the BBQ place was not Jude's first encounter with the ketchup bottle.
They most definitely can never get married. CAN YOU IMAGINE? ;)

Becca - said...

It was seriously so funny! Kendall told her Grammy, Nana, & Daddy all about it last night........"the little boy squirted mustard on the other little boys shorts.....and then he cried really hard!". She's not a mustard or ketchup eater. So, she thinks they are all the same. ha!

Dianna said...

Ok, in my neighborhood, I am the "candle lady"! It's your fault! I need to get those testers back from you and work the end of the street again...let's plan that for May - they could make your month all alone!

We need to plan the fauxga class together as that is the only way I will get to do that!

The Jude story is awesome! My sister (also the middle) would have done that if she had a chance...even knowing what my dad would have done to her - He didn't believe in waiting until we got home!

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