Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Stars At Night Are Big and Bright...

Please tell me you mentally clapped four times and then sang, "deep in the heart of Texas!"

There are a few reasons that I live in Texas. One of them is that I was born here and have never bothered to leave. Another is Tex-Mex food. Yet another is the weather. It's not amazing. I don't think you should move here for the balmy temperatures. Summer (and a big chunk of Spring and pretty much all of Fall) is rather hot and humid. But it's what I am used to. What I am not used to is extreme cold. And that is what we have right now. Part of it is that owning proper winter attire is just not practical. Owning lots of tanks and skirts and flip-flops--this is practical. Big puffy coats. Not only not practical, but unflattering as well. I will just stay inside.

In the book that I mentioned a few days ago, Loving the Little Years, Rachel Jankovic describes the state of her house by saying she feels like she is living at the bottom of a toaster. Have you ever heard a more apt description of a house full of small children? The crumbs. The sand. The unidentifiable ick. I'm no neat freak but in my next house I'm having industrial tile with drains spread throughout and we will just hose the floors down every night.

I'm loving this blog right now. I really like her aesthetic and her What I Wore Wednesday series is a lot of fun to look through. It's a great place to get a little inspiration for shopping your closet.

It's Wednesday night. This can only mean one thing. Half-price fajita night at Pappasito's. I will brave the extreme temperatures to go pick up some good Tex-Mex (see first paragraph.)

I am currently saving cereal boxes for this ministry. Will you save yours, too? And then will you either get them to me or mail them yourself. All the info you need is in the post I linked to.

Stay warm, y'all.

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Patti said...

Last night I blew up some balloons for Helena's birthday, and after a few minutes on my living room carpet, they were all completely covered in hair and other filth. I wish I could blame it solely on the static electricity, instead of on the fact that I have not vacuumed in two weeks (okay, maybe a month).

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