Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's One More?

So I decided to start a new blog. There are a million of these out there but I wanted one to record my journey as well as compile a list of sites and blogs that I find useful. Keep in mind--it's still very much under construction!

I am making you aware of it, not because I have it all figured out and would now like to impart my wisdom to you, but because I'm really enjoying this process of becoming...shall we say "unprocessed"-- and would like to keep track of it and share it as well. And sharing is fun (at least that's what I tell Asher.) I'm not an expert and I'm not really offering anything that you couldn't find somewhere else (and done better!) Nevertheless, such as I have, give I thee.

My plan is to make note of all of the information, recipes, tips, and major life-changing epiphanies that I run across. Ok, probably not a whole lot of that last one, but may be worth your time to occassionally drop by.

And, as always, I heartily welcome your comments, questions, and even vile criticisms. But let's keep that last one to a minimum, shall we?

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