Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Choose the Title

A: "Walking with My Daddy"

B: "Bridge Over Peaceful Water"

C: "On Our Way To Get the Poop Off My Hands"

Your call.

ps--I feel the need to document the fact that Jude is now a crawler as of this week and a clapper as of today (I love it when they start clapping!) He turned 8 months a few days ago so he has far surpassed his brother's crawling age of 10.5 months.

Jude is now a much more contented individual who has eaten tissue and a coupon today thanks to his newfound mobility.


hilarylarson said...

i vote B b/c poop on hands can sometimes be UNpeaceful so I just appreciate the word peaceful. :)

Lis said...

hmmm...I'm undecided! I actually don't think it's need an intro--speaks for itself.

Alli said...

C. Absolutely C.

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