Monday, March 2, 2009

No More Birthday Parties. Ever.

We had our "make-up" family birthday party for Asher yesterday after church. Since he and Jude were sick with a stomach bug during birthday weekend, we had to postpone the festivites.

At church that morning, Mamoo, Poppy, Uncle Micah, Uncle Marc, Aunt Sue, Jaxson, and Emily (or Emie-o as Asher calls her) were there for Jude's baptism and then the rest of the fam met up with us at our house for burgers and cake. Lots of fun. Good time had by all. No vomit.

Then last night around 9, Kris went in to check on Asher and his breathing was very raspy and labored. We got him up and sat with him in front of a warm shower so he could breathe in the steam. Kris called the pedi's office and the nurse on call said it sounded like croup. Kris was up with him for a while then I took my shift. He started running fever around midnight so I gave him some tylenol and he finally went to sleep and slept all night. He and Jude both woke up around 7.

Thankfully, Asher is breathing better but he is still contagious. He also still has the barking cough. Jude hasn't shown any symptoms yet (more thankfulness)and I am trying my best to keep them apart, but they live in the same house and breathe the same air so I'm doing what I can, but I realize I can only do so much.

Which leads me to the logical conclusion that birthday parties make my kids sick so we will never have another one ever again.


hilarylarson said...

bless your heart...croup is the crud. we have had it several times...yuck!

Mandy Crowell said...

Oh the dreaded croup. Caleb had it two years ago at Christmas when we went down to Houston! I hope your little guy feels better soon. The way you feel about parties is the way I feel about Houston..unfortunately we can't ban trips to see fam, so I guess we'll have to live with it! ha!

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