Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rives Brothers

I asked Asher if he and Jude were going to start a band as we were watching something on TV about the Jonas Brothers. He said yes, of course. I asked him what instrument Jude would play and he told me that Jude could play the "man-o-lin" and he would play "ban-o (banjo)," "ta-gah," and "dums." Hopefully the Lord will grant us another child one day so that Asher's load can be a little lighter.

So yesterday we took a little stroll in the wagon that Grammy and Capaw got the boys for Christmas. It is so fun that Jude is at an age now where he can participate just like Asher. We just walked around our cul-de-sac but it was enough time to soak up some vitamin D or make some vitamin D or whatever it is that is supposed to happen out in the sun.

Favorite Asher quote from yesterday: "Tank ooh, Mama, change my poo-poo. Put fresh diaper on." He thanks me constantly. It is so precious. When I open a door for him, change his diaper, hand him milk, he almost always says "tank ooh." I pray he will stay full of gratitude.

Favorite Jude moment from yesterday: Climbing on to Asher and trying to steal his sippy cup. That boy is a go-getter. He loves his brother and his eyes light up when he sees Asher. And whatever Asher has. It is amazing how he can move when he sees something he wants. I pray he will use this super-power for good ;)

Asher loves Jude too and is, in God's mercy, learning the lessons of patience and sharing very early in life. I am working on teaching Asher to speak kindly to Jude. He has started telling him "NO NO Judah!" He can say it pretty harshly. Guess where he learned it?

That's right--Kris.

Ok, not really. I hear the tone in his voice and I, unfortunately, recognize it as my own. So I'm training two people to speak kindly actually. The little one is proving to be a much more teachable student. It's a humbling task to teach someone something that you are still in the process of learning.

ps--the pastor at my church in Beaumont, Mark Gibson, started a blog. You should check it out!


Becca said...

Awwww, love those sweet smiles!! Adorable!

I can't wait to hear their first album.......once they make it big time!! Won't you need to have about 3 more kids to complete the band?? He HE

cheryl said...

So precious! This just confirms to me that Saige needs to marry Asher. They both say thank you all the time - that would be a great way to start off a relationship, don't you think? Ha!

Jamie Rives said...

I think Saige and Asher would make a great couple and I may or may not be saving the b-day card that Saige made Asher to display at their wedding. But like I said--Jude and Meadow...maybe a little too much spunk for one relationship ;)

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