Monday, February 23, 2009

I was fine blaming my camera

But then Robin had to go do a whole series of posts on how to take better pictures. One of her tips was to actually read the manual that came with the camera. Touche.

So all my crappy pictures may not be completely the fault of Nikon Coolpix. I learned that tidbit as well as much, much more. Robin has gone to great lengths to explain some basic photography terms and concepts so if you, like me, have much to learn and a limited attention span for such things, you should check her blog out.

She took some awesome pictures of one Mr. A. O. Rives in the Fall of 2007 (can you believe it was that long ago, Robin!) that you may check out here as proof of her credibility. Just ignore the truck in the last picture because she will be most upset to see that I did not crop it out before posting it.

1 comment:

Robin said...

It's true! Reading your manual will totally help.

HA! Before I finished reading this post, I clicked over to see which pics you had posted back then, and the first thing I notice was that darn truck. Then I laughed at my comment. And then I read the rest of your post and laughed again.

Full disclosure: I can't even find my manual right now, but I did read (most of) it when I first got the camera.

And by the way, I would take way better pictures of your kids now.

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