Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obviously I'm Hurting For Material Here

Another haiku.
I may need to publish an anthology of all my work soon.
My Asher is sick
This can only mean one thing
Way too much T.V.


Patti said...

I call it "Asher's Lament" even though, technically, haiku have no title:

No birthday parties
Rancid chicken in the pot
And now, no t.v.

chris milbrandt said...

show him the dvd we got him so i can taunt you and him with the repetition of those songs...i can't be the only mom with them stuck in her head. please join me in annoyingville. please.

Jamie Rives said...

Patti--I will include your piece in my collection.

Chris--we watched some of it today! asher loved the "w" song of course.

Robin said...

Asher might like that movie "W" that came out last year about Bush. Just saying.

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