Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pictures I Meant to Post Long Ago

Whoa. I was big. These were taken on Friday and Jude was born on Monday. If you live in the Houston area, I'm sure you recognize this location. For the rest of you, the is the Water Wall. It's a very cool place to go and take pictures.

Asher, of course, fearful of nothing, takes off towards it. You would think a huge wall of water that is 64 feet tell might give him pause, but no. Same with the ocean. Just runs right in to it. I'm sure there is a metaphor there but I'll leave it for Patti to extrapolate. She's good at that :)

This is me in recovery wondering what the heck just happened. Kris took my picture because he figured I want to blog about it. He knows me too well.

This is the wild man after his first bath. Thankfully, he enjoys bath time now.

This is me and Jude at the beach. I laughed because I would have NEVER taken Asher on the beach at 7 weeks. I'm a little more relaxed the second time around. Plus it was about 5 in the evening and we were under an umbrella.

I took this at breakfast a few days ago. High chairs are for babies. Big boys use booster seats!

Don't you love these random photo posts? I know I do!


hilarylarson said...

i love random pics. i am all about randomness. great pics! :)

Robin said...

I've only heard about the water wall, but I never went there though. I feel like I missed out.

Oh, and I was unsuccessful in making a watermark in Elements tonight. I supposedly made it into a brush...but then I couldn't find it in the list. Arg.

Jaime O said...

Great pics!

Serg and Lis said...

Yes, we are big fans of random pics! Thanks for posting these!!!:)

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