Wednesday, October 15, 2008

6 Things You Must Know

1. I'm ditching the South Beach Diet and going back to my old friend Weight Watchers. Something isn't working this go around with the ol' SBD (not to be confused with ODB) so I must alter my strategy. I'm not going to go to all the effort that the SBD requires and then just ignore it when the scale says the exact same thing for 2 weeks. Oh no. I will not.

2. Asher is a veritable fountain of language. Not all of it is completely recognizable as English, but he talks constantly. Except when Elmo is on. Then he sits in reverent silence as that irritating puppet drones on and on. Incidentally, I gave away an Elmo chair and stuffed animal a few months back because they both scared Asher. The stuffed animal found it's way back to us in a serendipitous manner. Thankfully, the chair did not.

But as I was saying, I am amazed at all he says now. More than I could list here. And he will attempt to say anything you ask him to. This is how I amuse myself during the day. I think my favorite right now though is "tank-ooh, Mama." Just precious.

Jude is pretty vocal, too. You never have to wonder if he is upset or needs something. Definitely not the strong, silent type. But when he has had his requisite 18 hours of sleep during a 24 hour period, oh what a joy that little guy is.

3. I think my new favorite word is "incidentally." It is quite underused in today's conversations. You don't hear it nearly enough so I try to throw it in when appropriate. Incidentally, I also like to toss around the word "anthropomorphism" because six syllable words are hard to come by in most conversations as well.

4. It's coming on yard crap season. This saddens me. Y'all know I can't handle yard crap. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, yard crap refers to any and all inflatable decorations and/or wooden cut-outs of various holiday characters. My neighborhood can't get enough of either. I try to set a good example. For fall, 2 lovely pumpkins and a cheerful pot of golden mums. For December, a tasteful wreath of holly berries upon my door. That's all you need, crazies. That's all you need.

5. I'm going to be 29 in a few weeks, but have decided to forego the usual "birthday month" festivities. No month-long celebration this year. It's not because I'm bummed that it's my last turn about the sun as a 20-something. It's just that it has run its course (note my usage of "it's and its". The former is a contraction so it requires an apostrophe. The latter denotes possession--no apostrophe needed. Free grammar lesson. You're welcome.)

6. I think necklaces look weird on me. Nine times out of ten, I will put one on, then look in the mirror and immediately take it off. Then a few minutes later, I try again...and take it off again. I don't know why this is. Same with bracelets. And the only rings I wear are my wedding and engagement rings. I wear earrings all the time, but usually only pearls or diamond studs (both of which are fake because I am notorious for losing earrings.) I want to wear cute, trendy jewelry. Can someone help me out?


Lis said...

you've given me several things to think upon...get back with you on one of them.

Kathryn said...

Fantastic. I love the yard crap thing. I am SO with you! Why does our front yard have to look like a kindergarden classroom just to be festive? Keep it simple people. Especially Halloween. What on earth is so appealing about a holiday that cebrates death and blood? I plan to blog about it, stay tuned. And, incidentally, I don't get the it's its thing. Because when other words are possessive, we use apostrophes (like "going to my mom's house"). Right? I'm confused.

Jamie Rives said...

Lis--ooh, I'm intrigued. I hope it's the necklace one and you are going to send me one of your cute ones.

Kathy--thanks for seeing the yard crap thing my way. too bad we aren't neighbors :(

Rachel said...

Hmmm... Jewelry, I'm in the same boat. I hate necklaces on me. I think it's because I think my neck is fat. My husband says it's not (love him!) but I think it is. I'll buy cute ones, plan an outfit to wear it with, then put it on and take it off. I hate that I'm that way.. any help you get on that one, I'd be glad to hear!

Oh, and I'm sorry to say, I'm a yard crap junkie!! But I usually stay very traditional. No blow-ups, no disney people.. usually a cut out of the nativity.

ValerieO said...

I'm right there with you on the yard crap. Although I have gotten used to it since for the past 12 years I've seen 2 neighbors (who are related to each other) yards get more and more stuff in them every year. When we drive by their houses this time of year and especially at Christmas Connor says, "Whoa, look at all the stuff." I'll try to get a picture just for you!! :-)

Roxanne said...

You would hate my yard, I have a blow up Pooh (winnie) coming out of a pumpkin. Why? Alex LOVES it!! Just one, and it is fairly small, so hopefully you will still send me a Chrsitmas card. You do send Christmas cards, right? ;)

Yeah for WW!!! I go on Tuesdays at 10 in Humble and Jennifer is the BEST instructor in the world. I can't stay long, because our Bible study starts at 10:15.

Jamie Rives said...

Roxanne--Ok, for Alex, I'll be OK with it. No worries--you are still on my christmas card list :) (A load off your mind, I'm sure!)

I'm doing WW online b/c the last time I went to the one in Humble, the lady was mean. But that was about 3 yers. ago so maybe there are new people now. Yay! I'm glad I have a WW buddy :)

hilarylarson said...

oh dear, about yard crap . . . i hate it.

driving thru town the other day, i nearly had a wreck b/c someone had a person hanging from a tree, a joke, but hanging. on 21st street, from a 400,000 home.


Mandy Crowell said...

I agree with you concerning two things:
1) I have much better luck with Weight Watchers than SBD. Mainly because I believe I do better with portion control of all foods, than restrictions of WHAT TYPE of foods I can eat. The exercise part still sucks, either way.

2) I also have a big problem with neclaces, bracelets and earrings, if they're all worn at once. I am a big believer in Coco Chanel's advice to look in the mirror before you head out the door and remove one accessory, because you probably put on too many.
One thing to consider when you try on necklaces are proportion. As a taller girl, with a longer neck, I can wear chunkier necklaces to my collar bone, and choker length, but delicate chains tend to disappear and longer necklaces get lost in the cleavage.
Maybe you need to look at the weight, length and texture of what you're trying on. Same with bracelets.

And NEVER wear a necklace if you are wearing chandelier, dangle, or big hoop earrings..way too busy a look that confuses the eye. You want to draw attention up to focus on one outstanding feature.

Jamie Rives said...

Good advice, Mandy :) I need direction like that--I'm so clueless so i just avoid accessories altogether.

And I agree with you about SBD--I think the structure of WW is what I need right now. And I was REALLY missing bread.

Lis said...

Quick question:
Do you try and match your necklaces with your outfits??? Or do you make them a focal point, something that POPS?
On the yard stuff....I'm so happy to live in a country that doesn't know what the word "politically correct" means!!! Everyone(grocery stores, Gov. buildings(minus the US EMb., of course), city corners) puts out Nativity scenes at Christmas!!! It's delightful!!! There's not too much money here to waste on anything else--it would be a waste to these folks with all the poverty here. I'm glad to be surrounded by people who still believe in why we celebrate Christmas(even if they don't practice Christ the rest of the year).
Also, whatever happened to making the house look great with beautiful lights???!!!

Traci said...

This is totally unrelated to your post, but.... are you still selling the "homeboy" tees? I think I want one for everyone in my family! Sam is not interested in dressing up this year, so I'm making a point to teach him about Reformation Day and he can advertise it at our church's thing-a-ma-jig.... fall festival. Then I told Wade and I think we need them too. Anyhoo.... let me know and if you are, I need to order them. Thanks! Hope all is well with you and your boys! They are so cute!

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