Friday, October 24, 2008

Not Sure Who Hates The Big Boy Bed More...

I think it might be me. I have yet to throw myself on the floor in a crying fit, but I have felt like it.

Day 3 of napping on the floor. By his door. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Maybe falling out of his crib a couple of times a night would be less painful?

I know this is just a transitional period and that it will get better. It's just staying sane between now and then that seems to be the tricky part. Who knew that the 3 month old would be the easy child at this point?

Any advice?


susanna said...

Oh, I SO know how you feel. Just keep putting him back in the bed as much as you can (or your sanity will allow), and know that if he does sleep on the floor, it will not kill him. He'll eventually get it. That's what Jake did. He cried and cried, and slept on the floor a lot. But he eventually realized that the bed is more comfortable.

Whatever you do, DO NOT let him back in the crib!!! I repeat....DO NOT do this. That will only confuse him. He is totally capable of the big boy bed. He has to move forward. No turning turning back.

And for's ok to lie on the floor and cry. I do it all the time :) Just kidding. Well, kind of.

hilarylarson said...

i think you are doing the right thing. he will get it.

then again, how would i know? it never bothered my first, my 2nd still gets in my bed and i am saving the tent for the 3rd.

i am a lot of help, huh? :)

Mandy Crowell said...

Man, oh man. I am very sorry it's so hard for you right now. Unfortunately, I don't really have any advice about big boy beds, since that was one area which seemed to transition smoothly (one outta one- hundred ain't bad! haha!).
Just wanted to offer sympathy and support! Hang in there and keep telling yourself this too shall thing I just thought of..when Caleb doesn't want to take a nap, but I want him to stay in bed and rest, I allow him to have one toy or some books and play or read in bed. As long as he stays in bed he can play with them (and usually fall asleep), but if he gets outta bed he loses them.
Maybe this would help Asher get used to the bed and falling asleep in it, and then you can phase out the toys or books?

rachel said...

here is my two cents:

get a gate, put it at the door. that way at least you know he isn't running around the house harming himself. next, keep up a strict routine until he realizes, "okay i just ate dinner, now i'm in the bath, next is bedtime!" oh, and no TV after dinner/ only rowls them up. trust me! It took a solid week for my son to surrender to this.. i was almost tempted to put the crib back in there.. it was a rough week with no sleep.

it will be okay!! keep us posted!

Patti said...

I think Mandy is on to something--have you already thrown Dumbo away? Harper has NINE stuffed animals lined up at the end of the bed. It's only annoying when one of them falls off in the middle of the night and she can somehow sense the absence of the duck/dinosaur/bear and will cry until one of us retrieves it.

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