Friday, May 2, 2008

Yet another first

This is not a fun "first" though...first ear infection :(

Poor little A started running fever on Wednesday night. I assumed he was teething because he was also drooling a lot and his temperature was only about 100. So I gave him some Tylenol and he went to sleep. We kept hearing him wake up every hour or so and kind of fuss a little, but always stopped and fell back to sleep. But around 11:00 pm, he was crying. We went in to get him and he was just laying there, looking pretty listless and pitiful. I picked him up and he was burning up. We took his temp and it was 104. And he was shivering. We could tell he was miserable.

We put him in the bath for a little bit to try to get his fever down, which he hated! Then we got him out and took him outside to calm him down. His current passion right now is airplanes so living below the flight path for a major airport is actually a plus for our family. This took his mind of his hurting and gave the Tylenol we had just given him a chance to work its magic.

So at around 11:30pm, Kris, diaper-clad Asher, and I are sitting on a blanket in our front yard looking at planes. His fever went way down and he was chatting and pointing at the planes and was once again his usual happy self. We came back in and he went to bed.

But all day yesterday, the fever never completely went away. It stayed around 100-101 and would go down with Tylenol, but always came back. He wasn't too hungry during the day, but still drank lots of water (thankfully he still doesn't know about juice!) and ate some fruit--and of course crackers--a major staple in his life. He ate lots at dinner though and his temp was down so we thought maybe it was just a 24 hour virus and in the morning he would be all better.

But once again, he wakes up during the night burning up, this time with about 104.5. We gave him more Tylenol but stayed inside this time. It was much later and he seemed to feel even worse than the previous night. He fell asleep on me as I laid with him on the couch. Apparently Jude did not appreciate the extra 25 pounds on top of him because he kept kicking me. One asleep, one awake--a little something to look forward to. Asher slept for about an hour at a time the rest of the night and then from about 6-8:30.

I took him to the doctor this morning and we discovered that he has a double ear infection. I didn't think it was his ears because he never pulled at them and didn't seem uncomfortable when he sucked on his sippy cup. But I did notice he was very unstabel walking--even more so than usual. He could only take about 3 steps without losing his balance.

So we start the medicine and hopefully he will be as good as new in a few days. I hate that he feels bad, but it has been nice getting to hold him more than he usually lets me these days. And the reminder of what it feels like to go with very little sleep has been helpful, too--those days are soon approaching again!

I know there is so much wrong with our healthcare system, but I am always humbled as I walk out of the doctors office with a diagnosis and a prescription because there are so many mamas around the world who just watch their babies hurt and have no way to help them. Yes, there are lot of things that need to be fixed (but not your way, Hillary), but the fact that I have access to doctors and medicine and healthy food is a blessing I am truly grateful for.


Becca said...

Awwww, poor thing. I hope he feels better soon.

hilarylarson said...

i always knew will was getting an ear infection b/c it always came after allergies/cold, etc. the girls never had any, it was new to me too...the 3rd time around! hope he feels better. :)

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