Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Haircut...Almost

We started out the day fully intending to get Asher his first haircut. His hair isn't completely out of control, but on non-humid days (the humidity makes it very curly and sweet), it tends to take on a bit of a mullet shape (nothing sweet about that.) So I spent the morning taking lots of pictures of his hair. All of a sudden, I felt very overwhelmed by the prospect of cutting that those precious little blonde locks.

He does have really sweet little flip-out pieces right above each ear that sometimes I love and other times looks a little too unkempt. And when he wears a collared shirt, his hair hangs over the back of his collar.

Ugh. Just what I need--one more head of hair to stress out over. Mine keeps me busy enough.

But today was the day. We were going to a place that a friend recommended. We got there and found out we would have to wait about 20 minutes. That gave me way too much time to ponder the whole issue. I called my friend Kelli, who is the only person I know that has deeper issues regarding hair than I do. Hers, as well as her kids, always looks great, but only after making the hair-cutting person crazy. I wanted explicit instructions on what to ask her to do, and more importantly, what not to do. Kelli did not disappoint and gave great advice.

But after waiting, and then talking with Kris about how no one in that shop looked like they had kids (or if they did, would have the same idea of what a good haircut would look like on them), I decided we needed to postpone this whole thing. Kris, who is used to my weirdness, fully supported me--I think because he was in no mood to deal with a traumatized wife if things did not go well.

So we left and walked down to a new mexican food place to eat lunch. We ran into the Wimberlys there so it made the whole haircutting excursion well worth our time. We enjoyed a nice lunch with them and then we came home and Asher took a great nap.

We will attempt the first haircut next weekend...maybe.

ps--Do you ever let your kid make a mess while you are blogging because the 5 minutes it gives you to type is worth the 20 minutes it will take for you to clean up?

yeah, me neither.

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Serg and Lis said...

I used to let her watch TV--I know, very unlike me;) but now, since we are restricting TV, I let her make the mess!:) I'm not the Spring chicken I once was, able to stay up at night to Blog!!!! If it doesn't happen during the day, forget about it.
I just realized Asher is 15 months!!! I don't need to say what I'm thinking--I bet you are feeling the same way!!!!

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