Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moms' Night Out

In lieu of our usual Friday playdates with our kiddos, some friends and I decided to do a "P.M. Playdate." This may be one of the best ideas we have ever had in our entire lives.

The five of us, Kathy, Chris, Bethany, Misty, and me, had so much fun getting to chit-chat and--get this--finish each sentence we began! A rare thing indeed.

We went to Chuy's for dinner and ate our combined weight in creamy jalepeno sauce. We also were the recipients of a free appetizer. Seeing the picture of us above, you are probably wondering to yourself, "Is it because they were the most beautiful group of ladies there last night?" Good guess, but no.

As it happened, Kris, Asher, Jude and I were at Chuy's the night before because Kris really wanted to go there and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I would be dining there with the girls the very next evening.

Whilst dining, I noticed a sign that read "Bring in a framed picture of your dog and receive a free appetizer." We don't actually have a dog per se but my parents do so I figured that was close enough.

But I don't actually have a picture of their dog. So I printed one out off Google images--same breed. I figured that was close enough. And we just happened to have a frame that no longer had glass in it that fit the picture perfectly that I had been meaning to throw away. Evidently, I was providentially hindered from doing so.

And I brought that picture to Chuy's, gave it to our waiter, and asked for the most expensive appetizer on the menu! I told him the dog's name was Heidi, which I had named the dog in picture on my way to Chuy's in honor of one of my parent's boxers who is no longer with us. He brought me a sharpie so that I could sign the picture and it is now displayed proudly on the wall of Chuy's on 59 North.

They have a random picture to hang on their wall and we got free food. Everyone went home a winner.

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Mamaw aka Mamoo said...

Just for the record, our Heidi (rest her doggie soul)was a much more beautiful dog than said dog in picture. We will get a picture to the blog-master a.s.a.p. Thank you.

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