Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Non-Sequitur Post For You

--I really--seriously, really--need to organize my closet. It's bad. Seriously.

--Jude sneezed at HEB today and a lady offered me a tissue...from her pocket. I kid you not. She assured me it was clean as she held it out for me to take. I took it so as not to hurt her feelings but did not use it. I used his shirt instead.

--I have been sewing a jon-jon for about 5 months now at our weekly sewing lesson with a lady from church. It started out for Asher and then I took so long, it then became Jude's. But I jacked it up so badly last night that I decided I am done with it. I refuse to rip one more seam out of that darn outfit. I need shorter, instant-gratification type projects.

--Asher is offically in the "I do it by self" phase. That has its pros and cons for sure.

that's all I got. more bluebonnet pics are coming--with the whole fam in them. please don't abandon my blog due to crappy posts like this.


Rebecca said...

If you see that someone from Mobile is on your blog for long periods of's me. I just found your music at the bottom and really like your songs. So, I'll be listening often:)

hilarylarson said...

"do it myself" is here too. :)

LOL at the me, i could not do any better! A+ for effort!

Mamoo said...

I'm done.

chris milbrandt said...

i read them BECAUSE of crappy posts like this.

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