Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interesting Facts That I Would Like To Share (OK, maybe not that interesting)

--I have to look at the Baby Ticker in my sidebar to figure out what week I am because I can never remember.

--Strawberry and banana applesauce has 23g of sugar in it. But I didn't read the label until after Asher ate some. Major sugar high followed by major sugar crash.

--Kris will be 33 tomorrow!!!

--I should be cleaning the kitchen right now.

--I was talking with Laura today and we have the exact same "chicken-texture" issues. I am so picky about chicken that I must remove every bit of of anything white on the chicken breast and then I have to pound it out until it is really thin, because I hate thick chicken. And if I get a bite of anything with a questionable texture, the meal is over for me. I was so relieved to find out I'm not alone.

--The Gap used to be my favorite store ever and now I am severely disappointed every time I go in there. Whoever their buyers are need to be fired.

--If you go to HEB at 9:00 pm, you will miss all of the crowds but the deli will be closed and they will be out of everything.

--You should always pay a little more and go to a hair stylist that will do a really good job. If you go to someone because they are cheap, they will jack your hair up and then you will have to go to the more expensive person for damage control anyway. So save yourself some time and heartache.

--People in my neighborhood treat their garages as some sort of bonus room. They decorate them with assorted sports paraphernalia and install a television. We park our cars in ours. Are we the weird ones?

--This was me exactly one year ago at 7 months pregnant. Asher was born 2 weeks later. I shudder to think what size my face and hands would have been had I reached full term.

That's all for now. If I can think of some more things that you should know, I will post them promptly.


hilarylarson said...

fyi - we park in the garage too..but there is other stuff in there, not tvs just kid toys:)

susanna said...

I am SO with you on the chicken thing. I call the little fatty, wierd parts "unclean chicken" and set them on the side of the place. Then Kenny asks me if he can have the "unclean" parts. He eats them. It is so disgusting. For this reason, I sometimes don't like to eat breaded chicken or strips at certain places because I can't see the "unclean" parts before I eat them. Chick-Fil-A is usually pretty safe.

Laura said...

Yes, I'm weird too, but not as weird as you because I don't pound my chicken everytime I cook it. See, you're still weirder than me. Ha! And as a side note...we park one car in the garage and are in the middle of major garage clean-out and organzation mode to be able to get the other one in. I loved it when everything is organized! But I agree that that's what they are for--if you can also store all your stuff too then even better.

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