Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Asher O. Report

For some reason, blogging about the little man has been somewhat sparse lately. How sad that I only have one that requires actual care right now and I still neglect to post about how he is spending his time these days.

He will be one in just a few weeks (Feb. 7) so I am in the process of birthday preparations. We will have family and friends over for a very low-key (i.e no ponies, clowns, or d.j.'s) celebration. I want it to be memorable, but not anything I get stressed out over.

So what had he been up to lately? Here ya go...

--he is a master crawler who loves to pull up on everything. He will walk along the edge of furniture but has no desire to let go and try it on his own.

--he can tell you what the puppy dog says (ruh-ruh-ruh) and what Asher says (guhta-guhta-guhta.) Seriously, that is a sound he makes a lot, so when we ask him what Asher says, that is his response. So cute!

--he can tell you where his tongue is and sometimes where his nose is. That one is hit or miss.

--he loves to read! When he wants his Dr. Suess ABC book he says "a, a, a!" (short vowel sound) because the first line of the book is "Big A, little a, what begins with A? Aunt Annies' alligators. A, A, A!" When he wants the animal book, he makes the puppy dog sound. And as we read him one of his Baby Einstein books, he says, "bub-bub" when we get to his favorite page that says "bubbles blowing, bursting, pop!" On the "pop!" we "pop" him up in our lap--big fun!

--he is a fan of most foods with the notable exception of sphaghetti from Jason's Deli. He will eat the Gerber sphaghetti crap from the jar, but not the good stuff. He gets very excited when the Yo Baby yogurt comes out of the fridge or the Nilla wafers come out of the pantry.

--he is teething now. He just got his 7th tooth--a back molar. He is a teething champ with a fairly high pain tolerance. He wokes up one night crying, but went right back to sleep after we gave him a few Teething Tablets. His nose has been running and he is gnawing on his finger a lot so I'm sure we are in for more before too long.

--he gives the best kisses ever! He grabs our faces and pulls them to him and plants a big ol' slobbery kiss right on our cheeks. I have to rub them in because they are so sweet!

--he waves anytime he hears the word "hi" or "bye" or any word that sounds like those words. The other day, I asked Kris how high something was and Asher started waving. We haven't covered homophones with him yet.

--he is still an avid drummer. My mom pointed out that we could probably take away every toy except the drumsticks and his books and he would be fine. He found the cabinet with the mixing bowls in it the other day and turned all the bowls over and started playing them, with a look on his face like "Why am I just now finding out about our cabinet full of drums?"

--he is now front-facing in his carseat. We turned him around a few weeks early, but since he way exceeds the weight requirement, we went ahead and switched him. His poor little legs were out of room. It took a few rides, but now he really enjoys his new perspective.

Needless to say, he keeps us busy, but quite happy :)


hilarylarson said...

he is a cutie :)
you are a wise mom - low key is the key!

Mamaw said...

sorry......but i am using your blog as a message board......hilary, i am coming to bmt. on thursday i will call your cell and get the birthday outfit from you......

ok, now for my comment.........oh my goodness, that asher o. is the most precious baby ever....i love him so much!

Serg and Lis said...

Thank you fir the update, Jamie!! Good luck with the party--wish we could be there for this special day!!!:( I'm sure it will be so fun and cute and that you will have lots of pics. for your friends that live out of the country and can't be there!!! :)
Asher, stop growing up so quickly!!! I keep telling Lill the same but, she isn't listening either!:)

Patti said...

Is it bad or scary that I literally want to eat him up?? Especially that first picture. He's so sweet and plump. I think he might taste like cheesecake. I can't believe my little man will be one on Sunday. It's all a whirl of delight, these fleeting days.

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