Thursday, October 25, 2007

Those boys!

Well, the guys hung out yesterday. There is no shortage of fun when the gang is together. Here is proof:

Tye graciously offered his finger for Asher to chew on. When your friend is teething, what could be more helpful?

This one pretty much sums up the picture-taking expereince.

Current age stats are: Tye--11 months on Nov. 4 (right, Bethany?) Asher--9 months on Nov. 7, Josiah--7 months on Oct. 31. Those boys are getting old!

In case you can't read the message tees that they are all sporting, Tye's dad is the greatest, Josiah is with the band, and Asher still lives with his parents. Slacker.


Patti said...

I love the proclamation t-shirts. These are some cute little men.

thelittlefields said...

Good job with those captions. Just one year ago all three of them were in utero. Crazy.

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