Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Underappreciated Literary Device: Bullet Points

--Kris' first day of school was yesterday. He said that it went really well for a first day. He said his roughest class was the kindergarteners. Picture 80-90 five year olds on their first day in a big (to them) school. He only had 2 criers and I think they both dried it up before the class ended, so that was pretty good. Overall, I think Coach Rives' first day on the job went well.

--I LOVE that I am at home with Asher and not in a classroom full of crazy children! I always hated those first few weeks of school. Several people have asked if I miss it. First I try to ascertain if they are kidding with me and then when I realize they are sincerely wondering if I miss the mayhem that is public education, I, with as little sarcasm as I can manage, assure them that I am right where I want to be.

--We went to Mamaw and Poppy's house this weekend. Kris had to work at Second all weekend so we headed off to spend a little QT with the grandparents. Here is a picture of Asher enjoying some delicious butternut squash in the very same high chair that my brother and I used.

--So we all know that Asher is a bit of a weird sleeper. The whole "dumbo" on the head thing, jamming himself into a corner, flipping yet unable to re-flip, etc. But last night I went and checked on him and this is what I found:

I promptly extracted him from the bumper and put him back in the middle of the bed. Honestly, I don't know how he sleeps like that.

--We finished painting our kitchen and breakfast room. It was quite the ordeal. The first color we got was "buttercream" which looked like a great shade of really pale, creamy yellow. We get it on the walls and realize it is canary-freakin-yellow. It looked awful. So we prime and repaint. The rooms are now the color that I want them to be. I will post pictures but first I want to get up the curtains that I am in the process of making. I want you to get the full effect.

There you have it. Enjoy.


the kirkseys said...

First, let me say how happy I am that you used the word "ascertain" in a post. : D

Second, so sorry that Kris was at Second all weekend (figured that was appropriate for my "second" point...mwahaha)

Third, Asher is awesome! That is SO funny that he had his head under the bumper.

Fourth, hope you have a great week!

Fifth, we need to get together soon!!!

thelittlefields said...

Oh man, those pictures of Asher are great! I especially like the one of him scooting on his back--very resourceful! And getting himself under the bumper--I can't believe it, too funny!

I'm glad to hear Coach Rives did well on his first day! That is exiting.I can't imagine Kris making any kid cry--just wait, when Christmas rolls around, they will all adore him!

I hope Asher and Tye had fun today! Josiah missed being with his buddies, but had to make an appearance for Mimi's birthday. He was a hit with the little old ladies.

thelittlefields said...

I almost forgot: Wasnt yesterday awesome!?! Sending our husbands off to school, and staying at home!?! Man, what a difference a year makes. It was such a fabulous day.

Robin said...

- I think I may overuse bullet points a bit.

- The first picture of Asher is adorable. Love that huge grin.

- The second picture of his sleeping just makes me laugh.

mandycrowell said...

Oh my gosh..I would've freaked out if I found Cora with her head like that!! You are so calm. I guess I always am overcautious, since one time Caleb nearly suffocated when a blanket got wrapped around his head when he was 10 months or so..
Glad to hear Kris got through his first day without too many casulties! And even gladder (is that a word?) to hear you are getting to stay at home where you want to be..ain't it great?!!

Aunt Ginny said...

I love the pic of Asher and his Poppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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