Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ugh. The blog.

So now I have one more thing in my life to feel guilty about not keeping up with. It has joined the ranks of coupon clipping, laundry, and exercise. The blog. It's really fun, but then you let a few days pass and you keep thinking that something really interesting may happen that you can write about, and then it doesn't, so a few more days go by, then you feel that since so much time has passed, your next entry better be stellar, but you know it won't be, so you don't post. Then you do post ,and what you get is the post that follows...

So be forewarned. I got nothin' folks. But it's time to post.

So, I got my hair cut.

I can tell I am a mom now, because the part I like best about it is that is takes so little time to blow dry. So on the days that I actually bother to fix it, it is dry in no time.

Here's the "pushed behind the ears" version

I took both of these pictures of myself, which is a little weird, but I never remember to ask Kris to take a picture of the new "do" when he is home, so I resorted to "DIY." If I could have been a little farther away, or if my arms were a little longer, the pictures would be better, but oh well. They are a little too up close and personal, and reveal maybe a little too much detail, but self-photography is hard!

What else...what else...

I know! I'll talk about Asher.

He's doing great. His new way of getting around is to scoot on his back. He has found a way to be mobile without having to be on his tummy. Brilliant. It's really funny watching him do this, too. Still no rolling back from his tummy, though.

I'm sick of doing the South Beach Diet. But I'm not one of "those" girls, so my lot in life is either calorie restriction or full-time living in maternity clothes. The former sounds only mildly more appealing than the latter, so that's what I do. And I was doing great about exercising every day, but then Asher decided to change up his morning routine, without consulting me I might add, and I just haven't been able to find my groove again. Maybe it will show up again. I hate it when grooves do that.

Oh! I just remembered something that is a huge deal and very blog-worthy! Kris got a new job! He is the new PE teacher at an elementary school here on the north side of town. We are so thankful! Over 200 applications were submitted for this position. PE jobs at elementary schools are highly coveted and pretty hard to get, so the fact that he got one is amazing and total evidence of God's sovereignty over all things. So now he is closer to home and will have so much more time to be with us!

I think that's it for now. I gotta go clip coupons, do some laundry, and bust out the Pilates DVD.


Traci said...

First, your hair is sooo cute! You can never be accused of having the "ugly" mom haircut - it's looks very chic, while being easy. Ain't nothing wrong with that. And second, how do you take such perfect pictures of Asher? The one for his 6 month post was out of this world cute. Have you trained him or is he always happy???? Ruby's been smiling for over a month and I have yet to catch it with my camera.

Rebecca said...

Your hair looks so cute, and you look great! Where is Kris teaching? That will be great for all of you!!!

the kirkseys said...

I think this post was absolutely stellar. We need to get together again! Asher left his sea turtle at our house (he's SO absent minded). We'll drop it off next week! : )

hilarylarson said...

cute do...i like it, you look like a darlin' mom, at least you still get "ready"! (they are days i do not...)

Jamie said...

Traci--It took me forever to catch his smile and now he smiles all the time (ok, not really, but a lot of the time). And I turn the flash off and try to use only natural light--I know nothing about photography, but they seem to come out better that way.

Jamie said...

Hil--getting "ready" is a very loose term that involves way less than it used to!

Susanna--I can't believe Asher left the turtle--I will talk to him about that! We had fun playing with you guys!

Rebecca--thanks! and a little school in Aldine

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