Monday, June 25, 2007

Rives Family Update (or the " I can't think of anything else to write about and I'm sick of seeing that YouTube screen" Post)

The Rives family is doing well. Here's what's happening in our lives:

--Asher is as cute as he can be. He is almost rolling over but I think he realizes that once he does, it will just put him on his stomach--the last things he wants to see happen.

--Kris is enrolled in the ACP (Alternative Certification Prgram) at the local college to get his teaching certificate and that is going well. He is getting to see the utter lunacy that is public education--something I know all too well. He has classes 2 nights a week so we really miss seeing him, but it is just for a season. And it will be so worth it to have him closer to home.

--I have been in "organizing mode!" I busted out the old labelmaker and I have been going to town! Our linen closet, our "multi-purpose" room, Asher's closet, and the laundry room have all gotten some much needed attention. Thanks to Denise for her inspiring posts that got me moving!

--I got my hair cut--at the place next to the Chevron.
The best part--it was only $17.00

--We are still on the South Beach (the diet, not the locale.) Kris, of course, continues to lose while I walk every day, do Pilates 3 times a week, and watch what I'm eating, and have not lost in about a month, but whatever. My clothes definitely fit better and I can see the changes, but I still want to see that number move!

--We have been attending a community group at Laura and Charlton's house and it has been so good. We are going through the book of James and have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and the lively discussions of God's Word. I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life right now. So to all of you who read this that attend, please know how grateful we are for you and the time we spend in the Word together.

I think that about sums it up. Not much happening, but more and more I am seeing the glorious in the mundane...and it just makes me smile.


Rebecca said...

Your haircut looks cute! It wasn't too bad was it? I did forget to warn you about the man who washes your hair...he is super nice, but a little hairy...I know he can't help it, but he likes to show it off!

Jamie said...

Thankfully, my hair was still wet from washing it that morning, so she just used the squirt bottle. So I didn't have the pleasure of getting my hair washed by the hairy man :(

Denise said...

My husband jokes that when I get out my label maker, watch out. Anything that ain't moving WILL be labeled. :) Love the fancy 'do! You look great!

Robin said...

I forget the hairy man's name, but, yes, he is super nice. And he has good stories about the country where he used to live.

Will Kris hopefully start teaching in the fall or in the spring?

Jamie said...

Robin--hopefully this fall. He has a lead so as soon as he gets his test scores back, he will be eligible for hire.

Denise--I love labeling! I labeled everything! It was so fun!

Laura said...

Glad to hear that Kris has a lead. Cute haircut! Happy to hear that you are enjoying the study on James. It is making a big difference in our lives too!

Serg and Lis said...

What a cute photo Jamie--of you both but, I really like the one of you;)!!! I'm so glad you found our Blog:)I'm glad to have found yours too!!! Can we add you to our list of Fellow Bloggers???

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