Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today is Kris' first Father's Day. Part of the reason I married this guy is because I knew he would be an incredible dad. And he is. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. He sings to Asher and the little guy is mesmerized.

2. He is always talking to him about who God is and what He has done.

3. He reads to Asher and does all of the voices.

4. Sometimes I have to race him to see who will get to get Asher out of bed when he wakes up and be his hero for the morning.

5. He is changing careers to have more time with him.

6. He tells me when an outfit I pick out is too girly so Asher's friends don't beat him up (Kris feels this is a very real threat if too much plaid and/or pastels are involved.)

7. As soon as he walks through the door when he gets home from work, Asher is in his arms.

8. He models for our son what tender strength look like.

9. He is so attentive to details about Asher that sometimes I even miss (oops...those nails should be clipped.)

10. He prays for Asher, knowing that God must grant him salvation, that he would repent and believe.

I could go things are added to the list daily. He is such an amazing dad and we are so blessed that he is ours!


Denise said...

I firmly agree with you - Asher's daddy is one of the best. My hubby sort of switched careers too. He changed course to provide for us, let me stay home and be around more for our family. That is quite honorable in my book. So glad that God has graced you with an amazing husband and your boy with a Godly man to be his daddy!!!

mamaw said...

He is a GREAT daddy! We all love him a lot!

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