Friday, June 7, 2013

We're having a girl!

Did not see that coming. What the hell-o kitty? I just assumed this baby would be a boy for several reasons. We have 3 of them. We have a ton of boy paraphernalia already. Life is already a little crazy with lots of potential change approaching. I just thought God would want to streamline things a little for me. I know boys. I get boys. Yes they are loud and full of energy and rather rough. And dirty most of the time. But I adore being a boy mom. I could just envision my little boy band all lined up in coordinating khakis and button up oxfords.
And then I am laying on the table in the doctor's office having my ultrasound. We see a beautiful head and a four-chambered heart and two sweet little feet. Everything is looking great. Then the technician starts pressing harder trying to get a good shot. She scrolled around a little--I kept thinking, "we'll it's got to be there somewhere. He's a boy. Where is it? I seriously don't see it." And then she said, "it's a girl!"
"Are you kidding me?"
"No." Ultrasound ladies never kid.
I was stunned. Kris was grinning smugly. He knew. Mainly because he figured a boy would be the obvious, easy, simple route and hello--it's us. Life rarely ends up being obvious, easy, and simple so of course--it's a girl!
She is, right now, nameless. I have my pick (which, sadly, is not Elinor.) But her daddy doesn't feel the same sense of urgency I do to make a decision. This is not unusual.
The boys are very excited about their little sister--the notable exception being Simeon--who only wanted a puppy. But he'll come around. I hope.
Here she is at just a few days shy of 20 weeks. (Isn't she lovely?)

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