Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Noonday Blog Train!

It's kind of like Soul Train. But different.

During the month of January, thirty-one of the Noonday Collection Ambassadors are hosting a giveaway on our respective blogs.  That means the odds of you wrapping up January having scored yourself a little Noonday treatie-treat are very good indeed. I'll list the blogs at the bottom of this post so you can avail yourself to all of the opportunities to win.

Recently, I posted about how I got started with Noonday Collection.  It's a moving tale and why the Lifetime Movie Network hasn't called asking me for the rights to my story so that they can turn it into a miniseries I'll never know.  It is a beautiful story in which I utter the words, "well. if I totally hate selling this stuff and quit, at least I'll have a ton of jewelry."  I say touching things like this often.  Delicate and heartfelt.  I can't help myself.

BUT, I am pleased to report that I, in fact, love being an Ambassador.  (And having a ton of gorgeous, fair trade jewelry at my disposal ain't killing me either.)  I love that I get to represent the artisans and tell their story to the women who will wear their creations.  I love that I get to use words like "purpose" "redemption" "hope" and "dignity" on a regular basis as I share about the effects Noonday Collection has had around the world.  I love the time I put into planning, scheduling, presenting, ordering, and traveling does not drain me, rather it fills me up.  I love that I work for a company that understands making a difference and making money are not mutually exclusive.  I love that the distance between me and some of the most forgotten places on earth is about as long as a strand of beads.  I love that every stitch sewn, every seed strung, and every thread woven, points to a day when hunger ends, tears are wiped away, and "all the sad things become untrue."

And I love that I look freaking awesome in my Cascading Falls Necklace and my Embellished belt. I mean, let's just be honest, shall we?

One of my favorite parts of being an Ambassador is that moment when I share about a certain piece of jewelry or a certain artisans story and the eyes of the person I'm speaking with light up.  Because they get it. They get why their purchase matters and why it is so important to stand behind these women and something as simple as wearing a necklace really can change lives.

Like the Minted necklace, for example.

First of all, could this color BE more beautiful?   It's mint for crying out loud.  It looks amazing with so many things--especially coral.  Is "mint and coral" over?  Or will that always be the most perfect combination on the face of the earth? It's still all over Pinterest so I think we're good for now.  The Minted Necklace is made in Uganda by Noonday Style, a group started by Noonday Collection which affords the artisans, not only a dignified job but also, for some, an opportunity to buy into the company.  Equity stake in a business.  Not.even.kidding.

And I am giving one away! (YOU get a necklace and YOU get a...oh wait, I'm not Oprah.  There's just one. But you should totally buy one if you don't win because did I mention the "mint and coral" situation?)

To enter, please visit Noonday Collection and then come back and tell me which piece is your favorite.  Make sure your email address is included in your comment.  I'll pick a winner next Wednesday, Jan. 23rd.  Good Providence! (I'm a Calvinist, we don't say "good luck.") (I'm kidding.) (No, I'm not.)

Here are all the other blogs featured this month--enjoy blog-hopping when you should be cooking dinner or watching your children! (I hear people do that--can you imagine?)

Jan. 1-
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Week two: 
Jan. 7-
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Week three:
Jan. 14-
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Week four: 
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Week five:
Jan. 30-
Jan. 31-


Carrie said...

Ooh, yay for giveaways! I like the Tagua Seed Coral Bracelet. But truly, everything is so great. I think it's about time you guys took a trip to China by the way. Why not do a reverse giveaway where you pick a lucky commenter to pay for your trip?

Anna @ Veggies for Dessert said...

My heart is pitter patter-ing for the clutch made out of VHS tape. How cool is that!!

Anonymous said...

I want the Half Moon Necklace! Thanks for sharing your heart, Jamie.
-Jan Carpenter

ccuCostaRica2010 said...

Kampala with Love necklace! LOVE it all and SO excited for the new spring line!

Anonymous said...

I LUV the mint necklace, so when I saw it pictured at the top my heart beat a little bit faster. Thank you for all you give and bless you for all you receive in return.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the Mukisa Necklace and
Pelotas Bracelet- Navy so much so that I already purchased them from my friend/Ambassador Monica. :-)
The Mint necklace was next on my list! Planning to refer my husband back to Noonday for Mother's Day presents. :-)

Heather McKeon said...

I am in love with the Ebira Seed Necklace right now! Oh and also the Twisted Necklace and the Zoe Necklace.... I could go on and on!

Elizabeth Bricknell said...

Oh my, where do I even start? I have so many favorites from the Noonday Collection! I love the jewelry roll, tea towels, and would wear each and every piece of jewelry! I love sporting accessories that tell a greater story of hope and empowerment.
-Elizabeth B.

Anonymous said...

My most favourite piece is the twisted necklace! I love the colors!! Have been eying it for a long time now, hope to get it soon:)
Oksana D.

Andrea Cammarata said...

I love, love, love the weekender bag...hope they make more!

Catherine said...

I love the hot pink Acai necklace!

Jennifer said...

I love commenting on all these posts because I get to pick a different "favorite" item every time! This time: the nomadic cuff. Thank you for sharing, and for the giveaway! So glad I learned about the awesomeness of noonday!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear, forgot my email address--sorry. cmcjennifer at gmail dot com

KatySue Pillsbury said...

The Bouquet Necklace is my very favorite piece!

Nicollette Macnamara said...

It is soooo hard to choose so I will go with the Sseko sandals... I love every single thing though!!!

Trinity Hicks said...

My favorite item is the zip up scarf!

Anonymous said...

I like the Dulce necklace.

Anonymous said...

I love the Taj Cuff and the Engraved Cuff!

Alli said...

Oh, the Tagua Seed Bracelet in coral. It's so yummy.

andrea said...

I am posting on behalf of my friend, Gretchen. She loves the mint necklace most of all. She's at

Anonymous said...

The mint necklace is what stole my heart in the beginning!!

Jamie said...

Carrie! Brilliant! I'll let the winner know the arrangement--maybe it will be you! ;)

Elizabeth Carwile said...

The minted necklace is beautiful! And the hot pink acai beads - everything is LOVELY!

Robin said...

I like how you can double the mint necklace. But I LOVE the seagreen light layers necklace. That might be my next purchase from you.

(I'm entering this to prove to you that I won't win. And if I do win, just pick another number and let someone else win...hahaha.)

Anonymous said...

Loved work you're doing! Love several pieces but Violet Hurt Bracelet is my fav!! My email is

Amy w. said...

I reallllly love the embellished belt!! Amyweatherly02(at) yahoo(dot)com

Carly Bean said...

Thank you for doing a giveaway!
I am in love with the Bouquet necklace!

All the pieces are beautiful though!

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