Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Blessing

Friday night, my way-too-kind friends threw me a "baby blessing." Unlike a shower, where the focus tends to be the soon-arriving baby and opening gifts, a blessing is more for the mother--a time to honor her and share thoughts, blessings, encouragement, bible verses with her to help her prepare for all the changes that are about to take place. Much like the one I had when I was expecting Jude, this blessing was so special and something that I will always remember and treasure.

Cheryl was our gracious hostess and she did such a great job organizing and planning everything. She knows my love for appetizers as meals, more specifically--DIPS! I am a chips and dip girl all the way so she had several of our friends bring all manner of dips and chips and crackers and veggies. There were sweet dips. There were savory dips. I was in dip heaven!

She even made these cute little signs for each dip. She has a craft room now so I would expect nothing less of her ;)

And check out this cake!

Cutest cake EVER and it tasted just as good as it looked. A delicious cake that incorporates my obsession with monograms--what more could I ask for?

And lest you think the food was the highlight of the evening, rest assured it was my amazing circle of friends that gathered to encourage me and bless me as I prepare for Simeon's arrival. I wish I had my camera out earlier so I could have gotten pictures of everyone! But here are a few of the incredible women in my life...

Me and Cheryl (aka Hostess with the Mostess)

Kathy, Bethany, Me, and Chris. We are all the moms of 3 yr. old boys and are living to tell about it ;)

Laura and I (we are due just 2 days apart!)

Jenny and I (we are having our lovely scheduled c-sections exactly one week apart)

And me and my mom (who my readers probably know better as Mamaw)

Another special aspect of a Baby Blessing is the bracelet. Each woman there strings a pretty bead onto a bracelet and the mother gets to take it home and wear it as a reminder of all the prayers and support that she has, especially during her upcoming delivery. I have one from my Blessing for Jude and was looking forward to the one I would receive at Simeon's and joked with Cheryl that I needed a "retroactive" one for Asher since I didn't have a Blessing for him. So my talented friend from church made a beautiful bracelet for me to represent Asher and then all the women there assembled another really pretty one for Simeon's birth.

The main event at a Baby Blessing is the time set aside to go around the room and share words of blessing and encouragement with the mom. The guests are asked to bring their written blessing as well and they are assembled into a blessing book. This is the cover of mine that Cheryl made.

And here are a few of the pages.

The whole evening was so incredibly special. We have been so blessed in our community to have the opportunity to throw several Blessings lately and each one always ends up being a beautiful reminder of the importance of the circle of women God has placed in each of our lives. As I said that night, the women gathered there (and a few others that couldn't make it) are my "village"--the ones that help me in more ways that I could count as I live out my journey as a believer in Christ, as a wife to Kris, and as a mother to my 3 boys. I can't do it alone. I need these women. And this night made it so clear, once again, that I don't have to. Blessed indeed.


Meredith said...

what a precious idea and friends... i love it!

hilarylarson said...

So sweet, reminds me of that scripture about the 3fold cord, neat idea!

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