Thursday, March 4, 2010

Judah Kristopher at 19 Months

My tiny newborn turned 19 months on Feb. 28. It goes without saying that, with Asher, I kept much better track of developmental milestones and what all he was doing at certain ages. So it is high time I jotted down a few things that Jude is up to these days.

--He weighs about 30 lbs. He's a big boy but is getting so tall. I counted 5 arm fat rolls on his 9 month picture and now we are down to just 2. He's wasting away and we are all concerned.

--He's very communicative but is a man of few words. Nodding gets him where he needs to go. He says Mama, Daddy, Asher, Mamaw (Muh-mie), Poppy (Pa),LOVEY (of course), banana (nana), apple, milk (ni), water, cheese, chicken (chih--usualy referring to Chickfila) book, bible, bubble, shoe,fish, yucky (gucky),crackers, cookie, {please, thank you, more, and all done (signs and says a version of the words)} various Sesame Street characters...probably more but that's all that's coming to me now.

--He follows really complex directions which amazes us because Asher did not seem to be able to do this as soon. If we tell him to go find something, even if it is in another room, he will usually go look for it and retreive it.

--A fit thrower! Oh my word. But we don't put up with that foolishness here. I get down on his level and tell him to stop or he is going to his bed. He either a) stops, b) continues the fit and gets put in bed for a few minutes, or c) stops but still asks to get his lovey and go to his bed.

--He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy. Thankfully, he has recently started calling him something that sounds more like "thomas" because for a while he called him "daddy."

--He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00. And there is no chilling out in his bed for awhile. As soon as he wakes up, he is yelling "MAAAMAAAA" or "DAAAADDDDYYY."

--He loves to wear underwear (Thomas of course--over the dipaer, sometimes over his clothes)and always asks to "tee-tee" in the potty. We've set him on there a few times and he never goes. He just likes the idea. I am in NO RUSH to potty-train him at all. We will stick with the diapers until much closer to 3.

--He answers the first question of the Children's Catechism (Who made you? God.) very clearly and the next 2 somewhat clearly. He loves to sing Doxology just like his brother and adds a very hearty "AAAAA-men" to the end. Amen is is favorite part of prayer to. We usually have to hold hands and do the "amen" part several times during the meal.

--Meals. A little more picky than I would care for. But I'm not wearing a name tag and this is not a diner, so you get what you get. The child weighs 30 lbs. so if he elects to miss a meal ot two, I say it's no biggie. He's a self-preservationist just like this rest of us--he'll eat when he's hungry.

--very into guitars. Whatever he picks up, he first holds it like a guitar and makea a strumming motion. very funny and a little weird.

--plays really well alone. he loves cars and blocks and Little People. Asher was strictly a block knocker-downer at this age but Jude will build towers.

--He and Asher have so much fun together. Asher orders him around and Jude is happy to comply. They get rough and rowdy and loud. There are no calm tea parties here.

Overall, he is a sweet little boy with a fiereceness about him. He is stubborn as the day is long but so lovable. He gives the best kisses that you always have to rub in (wet, but so sweet.) I am so thankful for him and the role he plays in our family. He is a great little brother and I'm sure will slide right into his place as a big brother, too.


Carrie Murphy said...

so are lucky to have such great little boys with such big personalities...I love reading your blog!

hilarylarson said...

love this post! don't you love the differences in them?

Patti said...

O Arm Fat Rolls!
How I miss Thee.

Lis said...

your mum looks great! :)

cheryl said...

love love love this post!

kate ortiz said...

your judah sounds like my asher. and my boys also love to sing the doxology, adding "please be seated" after "amen." love it.

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