Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remember November?

I barely do. And it's almost over! here's what we've been up to this month...

--We went to Dewberry Farm. It was lots of fun for the boys--plenty of climbing and riding and playing with lots of our good friends. We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch--or what was left of it.

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I managed to snap of the boys together.

Not sure what's more pitiful--the decimated desert they tried to sell to us as a pumpkin patch or poor Jude.

But after he got up, he owned that place.

--Asher and Jude played several concerts--The Living Room Sessions. Outfits of choice that evening were Daddy's shirts.

--We had a craft day with our Bible study group. Here are the pictures our kiddos made. They did surprisingly well! (or their moms did in some cases...hmmm....)

Let's see...what else, what else?

--Oh yeah--I turned 30. Here's some pictures of my kids eating my dessert. There aren't actually any pictures of me from that day. But the devouring of the Tres Leches is well documented.

Jude was under the impression we were reenacting the scene from his birthday.

--And finally, last night we went to The Downtown Aquarium with our friends, the Leathermans. All the boys loved it and what made it even better was getting in for $5 each instead of the usual $16 thanks to it being Aldine ISD day. Just one more perk to being in public education. The list just goes on and on.

We saw lots of amazing sea creatures! Jude went diving to get a closer look.

In addition to the bazillion gallons of tanks there, they have a huge white tiger. I'm sure there is some sort of correlation, but it was lost on me. So we just said hi to the real tiger behind the glass and then posed with other real tiger for a few quick pics.

Fearless those boys are!

Then we moved on to the real fun--the carousel, ferris wheel, and train.

The lighting was bad, but the other reason for the blurriness is that this carousel was moving at warp speeds. Russ was holding on for dear life. He may have screamed like a girl--can't really remember.

Normally, I love ferris wheels, but there is something about being SO high with my children who have very little fear or appreciation of gravity. I was a nervous wreck and Asher and Jude just wanted to be put down so they could hang out over the side.

Needless to say, we only rode once.

Whew! Now you're caught up. Soon, they'll probably reel me in to particiapte in The Real Housewives of Harris County and then you can just tune in to see what we're up to, but for now, enjoy my sporadic updates :)

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